Review: The Cool Cat TR
The Place Interior-wise, you’re looking at a hip, edgy venue that offsets all the concrete colors with punches of contemporary art and waterfalls of greenery that tumble over the windows. The overt hipness is reflected by a crowd that’s heavy on tattoos, piercings and odd urban style: you know... Read more
Review: Guru
Haggard old veteran that I am, there’s a few things I miss about the Warsaw of old. Rumors, for one. They used to spread like wildfire, and they’d reach their peak when the word turned to curry: at least, they did if you were the holder of a passport... Read more
Review: Zoni
The Chef Looks who’s back! Regarded as Poland’s most maverick chef, Aleksander Baron returns to the trenches having traded in the hipster era confines of Solec 44 for Zoni, the banner restaurant of the Koneser complex. Famed for his devotion to local ingredients and little-known techniques, few push boundaries... Read more
Review: Future Antiques
Having started restoring furniture in the 90s, Adam Krzemiński’s career has taken him across the globe: with a successful online business already established in the States, the choice to open a flagship showroom back in his home country was the next natural step. Collaborating with a core group of... Read more
Review: Kukpit
Back to the riverfront we go! With the Wisła heating up for summer, all eyes are on Barka Wynurzenie, one of the great, big hits of recent years. Accessed over a bouncy gangplank, find this classic barge venue – its deck strung with hammocks – anchored close to the... Read more
Review: Kanapa
There’s no kind way to put it: Ukrainian cuisine has an image problem. Whilst those of us in Warsaw are now used to Polish food being presented with finesse and a flourish, the cuisine of our eastern neighbors remains treated with suspicion: “just peasant food, ’innit?” Well, it doesn’t... Read more
Review: Pardon To Tu
Pardon To Tu, remember them? Regarded as one of Warsaw’s most experimental live music venues, its closure at the start of last year was a kick in the nuts for the city’s alternative ‘night people’. Having seen the original venue on Pl. Grzybowski bulldozed as part of the area’s... Read more
Review: Na Sushi
Sleek, dark and dominated by a lush picture of a breathtaking waterfall, at Na Sushi a smart crowd join forces around a horseshoe-shaped bar to click chopsticks over a top pedigree menu high on enticements: eel rolls with marinated pumpkin and sriracha wrapped in torched yellowtail and lime; spicy... Read more
Review: Falla

Review: Falla

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Hardcore vegans will already know the name – a sensation in Poznań (and now, also, Gdynia), Falla have branched out to finally enter the capital. This they’ve done triumphantly, with both pricing and location combining to keep this venue blocked solid with a muddled mass of students from the... Read more
Review: El Krepel
Warsaw’s always had a sweet tooth, the difference being that it’s only in the past few years that it’s really embraced desserts as something to be placed on a pretty little pedestal and treated with awe. El Krepel does just that, presenting a range of elegant temptations lined up... Read more