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Placu Pięciu Rogów: Hit or Miss?
After months of hype, Placu Pięciu Rogów was finally unveiled yesterday to a mixture of stifled giggles and silent horror. Costing a total of PLN 15 million, what had been promoted as one of most important public investments of 2022 is already facing flak after failing to match up... Read more
Tanks A Lot!
The wreckage of Russian military hardware has appeared in Plac Zamkowy as part of a travelling exhibition titled For Our Freedom And Yours. Comprising of rockets, a T-72 tank and a 2S19 Msta-S self-propelled howitzer, the exhibition was installed overnight and opened by the head of the Chancellery of... Read more
Wet, wet, wet: Warsaw Wetlands project stuns the net!
Although first published last year, a project envisioning Pl. Konstytucji as a lush, wild wetland has gained further attention after being seized upon by numerous local news sites in the last couple of months. Submitted by a trio of students from the Polytechnic’s Faculty of Architecture, Śródmiejskie Mokradła was... Read more
Bus Driver Hailed For His Selfless Action
A bus driver has been hailed for his kindness after stopping to try and save a deer that had been hit by a car. Identified only as pan Wojciech, the driver was working his route on a Mobilis bus No. 737 when he noticed an animal lying on the... Read more
It’s A Record!
Held two weekends ago, organizers have revealed that the most recent installment of the Long Night of Museums smashed all prior attendance records. Drawing a total of 230,000 people, the Royal Castle proved the biggest winner after attracting 19,000 visitors. Coming in second, Wilanów Palace drew 16,000, whilst the... Read more
A New Heart For Warsaw!
The waiting game is over! For the first time in several dozen years, pedestrians are now finally able to cross Rondo Dmowskiego without having to revert to the underground passaged carved out beneath. Officially unveiled last Friday, four pedestrian crossings have been revealed along with three bicycle crossings. Speaking... Read more
Design chosen Czerniakowski Port office!
Picked from a field of 29 entrants, a winning design has been selected for a new office for the Czerniakowski port authority. Currently little more than a squat and ugly building, the boatswain’s office at Warsaw’s Czerniakowski Port is to be spectacularly reinvented after City Hall announced the winner... Read more
Jewish Warsaw: Daffodil Campaign Returns
Held virtually for the last two-years due to covid, the daffodil campaign organized by POLIN returns today for its tenth anniversary edition. Known locally as Akcja Żonkile, the action was originally launched in 2013 and saw the distribution of tens of thousands of paper daffodils around the streets of... Read more
City Reclaims Szpiegowo!
Once rumored to be a Russian spy base, one of Mokotow’s iconic buildings is set for a new lease of life housing Ukrainian refugees… Colloquially known as ‘Szpiegowo’ (‘Spyville’), the mysterious buildings found at Sobieskiego 100 are set to be turned into apartments for Ukrainian refugees after being seized... Read more
Next Stop: Wilanów!
Years of campaigning have borne fruit after it was announced on Friday that Wilanów will finally be connected to the city center via its own tramline. Though City Hall has already allocated PLN 200 million to the scheme, it was only last week that the contract was signed, thereby... Read more

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