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Out in Warsaw times have changed – tastes have been refined and standards raised. That goes for everything, pizza included. In fact, pizza in particular. Not long back, pizza in Poland meant chewing through big rings of rubber that had been smothered in ketchup. Amazingly, no-one complained. In fairness, not many knew better.

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Now there is longer such an excuse. A new wave of pizzerias have slammed into the capital and rewritten the rules. Ave is one such place. The menu is a simple laminated affair with fifteen ‘pizze rosse’ (with tomato sauce) and nine ‘pizza biance’ on one side, and a selection of snacks, salads, carpaccio and homemade desserts on the other.


Cooked by native Italian experts, this is pizza how it should be: singed on the edges and made with vibrant sauces and fresh ingredients. The Diavolo is a standout, with plenty of extra woomph thanks to generous additions of spicy salami and pepperoncini. The calzone, though, is the ‘must try’: soft, pillowy and leaking with steaming mozarella. Even the humble margherita finds itself elevated to a position of greatness. Served inside modern, eclectic interiors ideal for casual dining, it’s no wonder that an increasing percentage of locals and expats are singling out Ave as their pizza of choice.

Ave Pizza!
ul. Topiel 12 / ul. Piękna 56, tel. 22 828 8507,

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