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Weekend Break: Korzkiew

Weekend Break: Korzkiew

Blog 29 November 2019 0

Ravishing as Kraków is, doesn’t it make a pleasant change to escape the pissed-up stags and earnest novelists in-the-making. And this, you can easily do for just fifteen kilometers north stands Zamek Korzkiew. Forming part of the Eagle’s Nest trail of medieval castles, this 14th century fortification caps a... Read more
Notes: Bibenda

Notes: Bibenda

Blog 28 November 2019 0

Now firmly enshrined in local lore, Bibenda are pretty much the first name out of the hat when the subject turns to casual dining – others do it well, but few do it better. The menu declares Bibenda to be ‘a celebration of food, drink and togetherness’, and that’s... Read more
Paloma Na Pańskiej

Paloma Na Pańskiej

Going Out 26 November 2019 0

Set in the same building housing the Museum of Modern Art’s administrative base, Paloma Na Pańskiej feels suitably leftfield and intellectual, a vibe that’s enabled and emboldened by towering shelves heaving with heavyweight art titles, photo albums and coffee table tomes – supplied by the cult Bookoff store, they’re... Read more
Świętoszek Tartuffe
Renovated by the renowned stage designers Marcin and Mateusz Stajewski, this subterranean venue is set with arcing brick walls and polished bits of fancy: elegant enough for something special yet casual enough for walk-ins. Originally founded in 1986 by the Theater Guild as a space in which performers could... Read more
Dine On The Wild Side: Drukarnia
Wrapped inside a 1950s facade, the former printing house containing Drukarnia opens up to expose a sensational interior high on retro pieces: jagged-shaped stone floor tiles, a red neon and stern Socialist era statuettes lend a heavy PRL accent, though the big statement at Drukarnia is supplied courtesy of... Read more
Review: Challenge ’32
First Impressions Seen as a shining glass block the color of midnight, the Renaissance Hotel has reinvented the airport stay through its experience-led philosophy and design-forward style. Expecting a cookie cutter feel? Then think again. Decked out to tune into Warsaw’s tradition of modernism and graphic design, the lobby... Read more
Review: Mr. Greek Souvlaki
With Warsaw’s ethnic options branching into increasingly diverse directions, there have been times when more familiar cuisines have often felt neglected. Take Greek, for instance, a sector that appears to have floundered and flatlined since its heyday many moons ago. The balance, however, stands to be redressed, and that’s... Read more
17th Warsaw Jewish Film Festival
Founded in 2003, the Warsaw Jewish Film Festival was created to reawaken Warsaw’s Jewish past, with its subsequent success evidenced by its growing stature in both Poland and abroad. Taking place for the 17th time, this year’s festival runs from the 18th to the 24th of November and will... Read more
Kuchnia Czwerwony Rower
Identified by the red bike hanging outside, this canteen-style affair is an antidote to the rampant monetization of Praga. Aiming to get those with social problems back on track, this social project hands the initiative back to those down on their look by providing employment in their kitchen. Simple... Read more
Centrum Zarządzania Światem
Fusing culture and arts with food and drink, CZŚ have become one of Praga’s major social hubs with a busy program of events complimented by a quirk décor and Bohemian spirited crowd. Operating equally well as a café, bar and restaurant, the globally diverse menu offers both breakfast options... Read more

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