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Monuments of the Warsaw Uprising
Recognition for the Uprising has been a long time in coming: not just internationally, but domestically also. In the period that followed the war Poland’s puppet government viewed participants as ‘anti Communist adventurers’, with veterans facing widespread persecution, and often imprisonment in the Siberian gulags or exile to the... Read more
Duck Festival At Pańska 85!
Widely known as Warsaw’s best source of Chinese food, had to Pańska 85 for a Peking Duck Festival that reaches its climax TODAY! Aimed at both restaurant regulars as well as those who might be unfamiliar with the venue, the festival will see glazed duck roasted whole by owner... Read more
Summer For The Koneser
Daily from noon, Pl. Konesera Adventure Warsaw Zone Adventure Warsaw invite you to partake in courtyard games, weekend tournaments and city-related games. Visit also for sightseeing trips and a mini-exhibition from the brilliantly quirky Museum of Life Under Communism. Open daily, enter from Pasażu Konesera, Sculpture Laboratory From modernist... Read more
Happy Birthday: W-Z & Mariensztat!
The wholesale destruction of Warsaw afforded architects the unique opportunity to rebuild what had hitherto been a dense, dark city and remodel it in their own futuristic (albeit party-approved) vision. Rising to the challenge with gusto, of all the early schemes the W-Z highway was among the more high... Read more
The Birthday Boy

The Birthday Boy

Features 21 July 2020 0

Sixty-five years old today, we dredge through the archives to present the Insider’s quintessential piece about the Palace of Culture and Science… BY JAY MARTIN The inclusion of the Palace of Culture & Science on Warsaw’s official heritage list in 2007 provoked general outrage. A protest letter signed by... Read more
People Of Koneser
Opened to rave reviews late last year, Koneser Grill has become a cornerstone of Centrum Praskie Koneser. Restaurateur Daniel Pawełek talks about his latest creation…   WI: For those that haven’t visited, what’s the concept behind the restaurant… DP: I wanted to return to the idea of ‘fire’, something... Read more
Inside Look: Powiśle By Night
If once Powiśle was best known for its scattering of Bohemian dive bars that smacked of 90s Berlin, today it has evolved once more to cast off this more maverick aspect of its history and embrace a new approach to appeal to an audience far beyond student dropouts and... Read more
Eating Out: Restauracja Forty
Not often, but it happens, that along comes a restaurant that fills your world with dazzling new colors – and God knows, don’t we need a bit of that following the lockdown in Spring. Of course, that Forty would be good was kind of expected. Fired out from the... Read more
The Inside Scoop: Warsaw’s Best Ice Cream!
Budka z Lodami ul. Francuska 30 On sunny weekends you’ll find Saska’s longest queues building up outside this simple, street-side cabin. With social distancing now ‘a thing’, those queues are likely to get even bigger! Everyone agrees they’re worth the time, not least for their lashings of frozen yogurt... Read more
New On Room Service
Altro Locale Buried deep in a chilled out section of Old Mokotow, Altro Locale has attracted nothing but plaudits since opening. Offering a fresh look at Italian cuisine, owner-chef Andrea Carillo presents authentic, homespun tastes on an ever-evolving menu featuring tuna steak, swordfish with shrimps and coffee panna cotta... Read more

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