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New Mural Strikes Bielany!
Found on Żeromskiego 44/50, the mural has allowed the two stars to once again be neighbors. Living on ul. Płatnicza – the same street as the songstress Kora – both became cultural icons. In the case of Sienkiewicz, the popular actress was famed for appearing in such as films... Read more
Miniature Park Returns!
Settling for a three-year lease on the corner of Świętokrzyska and Marszałkowska, this remarkable labor of love presents a range of meticulously detailed 1:25 scale models of some of the most glorious buildings. Showcasing the lost architectural gems that once dazzled the city, visitors can once again get up... Read more
Warsaw Eco Playground A World First
Designed by the London-based ecoLogicStudio, the project allows children to play inside a cylindrical AirBubble containing the purest air in the city. Set outside the innovative Copernicus Science Center, the solar-powered structure has been kitted out with soft, squidgy seating and hanging ropes – by jumping on these, children... Read more
A French Revelation!
Vibe La Buvette sits like a hidden gem nestled on a charming street that radiates off Stara Ochota’s Pl. Narutowicza. Tree-lined and looking like a cloned version of a picturesque arrondissement of Paris, it’s a pleasure to sit on the terrace, a feeling more akin to a cruise up... Read more
Green Light For The Black Shirts
Announcing the decision, Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski told the press that he saw Polonia as playing core part of the city’s sporting future: “I believe the Polonia sports complex will play an important role in Warsaw sport and has a place in our beautiful sporting future,” he said. “The project... Read more
Praga Gets Yarn Bombed!
In an area well-known for its community actions and spontaneous outbreaks of street art, the past few weeks have seen the yarn bombing of nearly 40 bollards positioned on Praga’s Kawęczyńska street. Led by an NGO called The Michałów Society (Praskie Stowarzyszenie Mieszkańców “Michałów”), the action began last year... Read more
Warsaw’s First Social Shop Launches
Selling groceries, clothes and other everyday items at discount prices of up to 50%, the project has been greeted enthusiastically after launching this week. The first such initiative in Warsaw – and only the second in Poland – the store is open to all holders of a low-income certificate... Read more
In Focus: Elektrownia’s Foodie Heroes
Philly’s Finest As street food pleasures go, is there little finer than biting into the true taste of Philadelphia: the legendary cheesesteak. As the face behind Poland’s first dedicated cheesesteak stop, Alan Bohinski speaks about the glory of this delicacy… WI: What’s the MAGIC of the Philly Cheesesteak! AB:... Read more
Rainbow Retrospective
If the city center’s iconic palm tree divided opinion when it was first unveiled, then it escaped relatively lightly compared to the fate of Warsaw’s most (in)famous public installation. For that, think back to the rainbow that once straddled Pl. Zbawiciela. Meant to symbolize “tolerance, diversity and openness,” Julita... Read more
Homeless Jesus Appears
A cloaked figure of Jesus sleeping rough on a bench has appeared outside the Capuchin Monastery on Miodowa 13. Inspired by a similar work coined by Canadian artist Timothy Schmalz, the sculpture is identical to around 100 that have cropped up in locations as far afield as Washington, Singapore... Read more

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