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Ursynów Set For Stunning Park Makeover
Established in 2016, and named Park im. Cichociemnych Spadochroniarzy AK after a WWII paratrooper regiment, the park is built around a hill that was constructed on top of leftover construction debris amassed whilst the neighboring housing estates were being built in the 1970s. The planned redevelopment of the park... Read more
10 Essential Summer Debuts!
Am’or Eklery i Wino Kurcza 23/31 Looking dashing in its shades of pastel pink and gold trim, it looks pleasingly perfect with its pristine parquet and heart-shaped seats. Scattered with flowers (pink of course) and marble-topped tables, it’s classy, fun, feminine and smart. Mostly you visit for the eclairs... Read more
This Is Praga: Back To The ’70s
Offering a compelling glimpse into the past, a new exhibition has opened in the Praga Museum to provide a photographic portrait of the everyday lives of the locals in the 1970s. Born in 1939, Albert Krystyniak moved with his family to Warsaw’s eastern suburb after the war, and spent... Read more
Wounds Of War: Mokotów 1944
Falling under the scope of a project first initiated in 2019, Wounds of Memory seeks to bring attention to the surviving traces of war. The work of Monument Conservator Office for the Capital City of Warsaw, it’s organizers have emphasized the increasing need to protect what elements have survived... Read more
Marymont Stadium Saved!
The traditional home of MKS Marymont, a knackered but historic stadium has seemingly been saved from the bulldozers after the city announced a PLN 2 million renovation that will see the restoration of the ground’s main stand. A pearl of post-war modernism, the stadium was constructed between 1950 and... Read more
Review: Roślina

Review: Roślina

Going Out 22 August 2021 0

Founded by a pair of photographers long before there was anywhere else in the area to get a decent cup of Joe, Roślina have grown to become something of a saber-rattling legend of Bielany – a place whose acknowledgment of the natural world is pushed home not just via... Read more
Warsaw Mourns Creator of BUW Garden
Nicknamed Zieleniara because of her devotion to greenery, Bajerska is also credited with the creation of the ‘mountain of plants’ in the Powsin Botanical Gardens as well as numerous projects in Ursynów. However, it is the BUW park that has come to be considered her defining work. Hailed as... Read more
Tender Begins For Green Sports Zone
Selected by the public as part of the annual civic budget, the square would transform the unused space above the metro station and see it redeveloped as a space dedicated to sports and recreation. “Similar projects – combining sport and recreation among greenery – have already been implemented,” said... Read more
Review: Am’or Eklery i Wino
Better late than never! Five years after the trend first broke out in the world’s major culinary hubs, eclairs with flair have finally hit Poland – and no-one is doing them better than this gorgeous-looking locale snuck away on Krucza. The Place A few weeks ago you probably chortled... Read more
Review: Hocki Klocki w Luna Parku
Entered via a gateway constructed from giant bricks of Lego, there can be few places that better capture the essence of summer drinking. Forming a cornerstone of the remarkably wacky Lunapark complex, the energy is contagious: fringed by a set of pink-sprayed cabins housing bars and DJ decks, visit... Read more

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