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Food Hall Browary: Insider Highlights
Should you believe what the real estate analysts are saying, then no other city in Europe other than London can boast a higher headcount of food halls than our own little capital right here in Poland. With competition so cutthroat, it’s therefore imperative to stand out, something that Browary... Read more
Review: Dobre Materia
Muranow’s new local hero! Sweet Beginnings  When Dobra Materia opened last May, they marked their launch by handing out slices of cake baked to look like the building in which they’re set. As a gesture, it said much for their enthusiasm for Muranów and their will to connect to... Read more
Review: Lane’s Gin Bar
Cocktail culture takes a new twist at Lane’s Gin Bar… Coordinates Celebrating its 120th birthday late last year, the Bristol has long distinguished itself as the grand dame of Polish hotels. Hosting a never-ending roll-call of A-list stars and celebs, it remains as relevant now as when it first... Read more
Murals Of Wola

Murals Of Wola

Features 9 January 2022 0

Whilst Ursynów and Praga scrap it out to be recognized as the leader of Warsaw’s mural movement, Wola’s been doing equally great things on the quiet… Way before Warsaw first went nutty for murals we had Kamien I Co on Waliców 14. Painted by Wiktor Malinowski in 2009, this... Read more
For The Record
Antykwariat Na Tamce Tamka 45B, facebook.com/antykwariatnatamce Specializing in rarities and unknown gems, the shop’s layout has changed to carry even more records than before. Listening Station: Yes, but bring your own earphones unless you don’t mind imparting your tastes on the other punters. Ratio old to new: 75/25 English-speaking:... Read more
Most Poniatowskiego: Happy Birthday!
Often lauded as the most beautiful bridge in Warsaw, Most Poniatowskiego celebrates its 108th birthday today. Ten years in the making, it was opened by the Russian Governor, Georgi Skalon, on January 6th, 1914; but despite its copious aesthetic value, ‘the third bridge’ as it was nicknamed was deemed... Read more
Exhibition: Who Will Write The History Of Tears
Never ones to shy from controversy, MSN’s newest exhibition takes an alternative look at the abortion debate… MSN’s latest exhibition seeks to present a personal perspective aimed at lending an existential dimension to… abortion. Freeing this topic from “destructive stereotypes”, the organizers hope to showcase society’s differing standpoints as... Read more
Fazir: Poland’s No. 1 Kebab!
Where Am I? Just outside of Warsaw, find Fazir sitting diagonally across the road from Michalin train station. Coming by car, journey time in favorable traffic should clock in at around 30-minutes from the city center. How Does It Look? From the outside, it appears much like any other... Read more
Nightlife Debuts: Hot List 2021
After all the Doomsday predictions, 2021 saw a wealth of hot openings where nightlife was concerned. Without further ado, we bring you our choice of the Insider’s favorites. Beer Station Centrum ul. Lwowska 17 Traipse down a plunging set of stairs to reach a cave-like space whose warm brick... Read more
Review: Sacred Mill Brew Bar
Revealing Wola’s sacred secret… Slick and polished, there’s maybe little at face value to set Sacred Mill aside from the other high-gloss coffee stops found in Warsaw’s business district. Through a heavy glass door visitors enter a space that’s minimal in size and design – lots of dark, hard... Read more

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