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Eating Out: Dziki Królik
It’s fantas-taco! Hidden down in Wilanów, join us for a look at the vegan restaurant that’s got Warsaw talking… Where Am I? Geographically set in the southernmost inhabited quarter of Wilanów, it would be no exaggeration to call Dziki Królik a destination restaurant – you’re closer to the fields... Read more
20 Cafes To Try Before You Die – And Why!
With the Warsaw Coffee Festival occurring on the first weekend of Feb, join us for a look at the twenty cafés that have become representative of the city’s diverse coffee scene – from the old to the new, via the celebs and unknowns, we bring you our own curated... Read more
Performed in JASSMINE club, the cyclical event will attract the top jazz names in Poland… Fifty performances by Poland’s top jazz talents will be conducted as part of the JAZZ PO POLSKU "Warsaw Live Sessions". The project will include, among others, Dominik Wania Quartet, Paweł Kaczmarzyk Trio, Piotr Damasiewicz... Read more
Turning Japanese
Warsaw’s Japanese wave grows stronger yet with the opening of Sakamoto-ya… After the sushi explosion that began at the start of the millennium, Warsaw’s mania for Japan found itself sizzling down like a willow firework in the hazy winter sky – some exceptional restaurants aside, mediocrity became the bi-word.... Read more
The Right Balance

The Right Balance

Features 31 January 2023 0

Revolutionizing the city’s Pilates scene with her non-standard classes, we catch up with Iga Majewska of Warsaw Pilates to learn more about her mission… WI: What are the principal points of Pilates? Iga Majewska: Pilates is a low-impact workout method that doesn’t just strengthen and tone the body, but... Read more
What to do in February
Warsaw’s key events at a glance…  Last Chance! Locked for nearly half a century behind an Iron Curtain, Poland’s political transformation plunged the country head first into a bewildering world of capitalism, contrast, chaos and color. Marked by its sense of unrestrained adventure, the Museum of Warsaw’s most successful... Read more
90s Icon Under Threat!
A unique product of its time, one of Warsaw’s best surviving examples of 1990s architecture stands to lose it extraordinary color after plans were leaked suggesting that its exterior would be repainted.   Opened in 1992, and authored by architects Wolfgang Triessing and Maciej Nowicki, the Sobieski Hotel has... Read more
Ghetto Uprising Photos Revealed
Shot by a firefighter called into service during the time, a priceless roll of negatives capturing the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising have been discovered in an attic… Handed to the POLIN Museum in January, the film will now form an integral part of a forthcoming exhibition that will mark the... Read more
Going Out: Winter Cocktail Classics
As Warsaw’s enters its second blast of winter, join us for a look inside our favorite winter cocktail dens… Back Room Koszykowa 49A Opened at a time when Warsaw was going through its speakeasy phase, Back Room owes its continued success to more than just its jazzy, Prohibition era... Read more
The Big Market Question
News that the outdoor Hala Gwardii market (not to be confused with the Hala Gwardii hall) will be ‘revitalized’ has dominated local headlines recently, and in the process sparked a furious backlash from city campaigners. Fearing that the market will become unaffordable to all but a select few, activists... Read more