Artezan Arrive! Artezan Arrive!

Light, bright and at the bottom of a glass tower, the Artezan brewery’s long-awaited flagship pub is not the typical multi-tap bar. In fact, in terms of design it’s so different that many people have already voiced disapproval. “It looks more like a café,” says one Insider, “the kind of café that’s aimed at kids.” True, it doesn’t have the same worn-in, boozed-out look of others bars of its ilk, but that’s not a problem. What is, is there lack of on-site toilet. Had too many? Then grope around the office area next door to find the necessary facilities.


It’s liable you will be groping around as well – possibly on all-fours. If you’re not familiar with the Artezan brand, then here’s all you need to know: from the millions of new craft breweries in Poland, this is the market leader. Maybe not in terms of publicity or financial clout, but certainly when it comes to issues of quality. And everyone knows that! It’s for this reason you should visit. Find a number of Artezan pacesetters such as Pacific and Cymbogpogon on tap, as well as a few guest beers in the fridge. In between those, enjoy a setting that breaks free from the standard norm. Warsaw, it appears, has just gained a very good pub.

Artezan Craft Beer Pub
ul. Moniuszki 1A

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