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International Beer Day!
Three cheers for International Beer Day! Of course, there’s no shortage of bars in which you can raise a glass to mark this noble day, but then not all bars are equal. Join us for our rundown of our magnificent seven… Bar Koszyki Koszykowa 63 (Hala Koszyki) When Hala... Read more
The Warsaw Uprising In Color
As the city prepares to honor the anniversary of the 1944 Warsaw Uprising, join us for a look at the extraordinary colorized images of Mikołaj Kaczmarek, a graphic artist committed to bringing the past alive… Firmly established as one of the country’s premier ‘colorizers’ of historic photographs, Kaczmarek’s work... Read more
Obiekt Alfa: Warsaw’s Nuclear Secret
Met with critical acclaim, Oppenheimer looks set to become one of the year’s biggest films – but how about Warsaw’s own little nuclear secret… Join us as we uncover the story of the mysterious Obiekt Alfa. Found behind the back of Powązki Cemetery, inside a despondent-looking army rehabilitation facility,... Read more
Beyonce in Warsaw!
As Warsaw counts down to Beyonce’s final show of her European tour, plaudits have already been unanimous in their praise. Dubbed ‘the greatest show in earth’ by The Guardian, a host of celebrities both global and domestic were spotted at yesterday’s gig, among them Tom Holland, Zendaya, Jay-Z and... Read more
Eating Out: Bombaj Masala Wola
Spicing up Browary’s summer scene, Bombaj Masala vie for the title of Warsaw’s top Indian… The Look Seen from within, Bombaj Masala is quite comfortably the most elegant of Warsaw’s Indian restaurants – under a ribbed, wavy wooden ceiling, revel in a plush interior that feels slick and dynamic... Read more
The Last Goodbye: Hala Gwardii
Seen as a revolutionary force for good, Hala Gwardii as we know it will cease operations after one last hurrah this weekend. Set to close ahead of a controversial renovation, this legend of Warsaw isn’t going quietly though, and this weekend brings with it a host of events aimed... Read more
Eating Out: Chimi & Churri
Latin Kings! The Argentine spot that everyone needs to know… Warsaw’s snack scene may lag behind Europe’s other major capitals but it’s fast catching up. In this regard, no place has won as many admirers this past year as Chimi & Churri, an intimate alcove sparingly decorated with a... Read more
Michelin Star Returns To Warsaw!
Having lost its stars after Covid forced the closure of both Senses and Atelier Amaro, Warsaw can again count on having a Michelin starred restaurant after Nuta were awarded a coveted star. Announced earlier this morning, the latest recommendations from Michelin include 49 restaurants from Warsaw, Kraków and Poznań.... Read more
Saski Palace Rebuild Gathers Steam
Government officials have revealed that twelve architectural studios from Poland and beyond have submitted proposals to rebuild Saski Palace. Taken together, the project envisages the reconstruction of Saski Palace’s façade, the Bruhl Palace and three tenements that once stood on Królewska. According to estimates made two years ago, the... Read more
Back Story: New Mural On Wilcza
Premiering towards the end of April, a mural on Wilcza 22 has already become a much-loved local landmark after its debut two-months back. Created by Bruno Neuhamer, an artist credited with large-format works such as those celebrating Krzsztof Krawczyk, Kora and Czesław Niemen, the mural was commissioned by the... Read more