Bartek Janusz Salon Bartek Janusz Salon

I’d passed this place hundreds of times on my way to work and yet I’d never felt brave enough to walk in. Why? Probably because it seems so darnn snooty that I just never felt fancy enough to stroll in and make a hair appointment. It was all quite silly of me, really, especially as it turned out one of my closest friends was a regular. And this friend has just about the best haircut I’ve seen on any woman in this city. So finally I summoned up the guts to march in there, face the uber-trendy metrosexual male at reception and make an appointment. After all, it’s a new year: time to bring my hair back to life.

I was in and out in just about an hour. The staff here takes a no-nonsense approach to cutting hair. It goes along with the minimalist chic interiors of the place – mostly white and filled with mirrors, with floor-to-ceiling windows that let you look out on all the miserable people out there. To the left is a small fashion section offering some pieces from fresh Polish designers and hair accessories from Bartosz Janusz. My stylist turned out to be the beefy guy with tattooed biceps and a twinkle in his eye (I also later figured out he’s Bartek Janusz himself). He had one of the girls wash my hair, which she did thoroughly and with none of that neck pain – the sinks and the chairs are all adjustable.

Mr Bartek Janusz snipped at my hair for no more than fifteen-twenty minutes. Almost no time at all. But even when my hair was still wet, I could see it had some shape again, it wasn’t just a half-frizzy, half-flattened mess. The assistant came back to dry my hair straight. Mr Bartek Janusz was back to apply the final touches and I am not lying when I say I have never walked out of a salon so satisfied. I finally had the haircut I wanted: smooth, but with a Victoria’s Secret runway-style twist. As much as I’ve always hated going to the salon (mainly for the fact that they always chop off five inches when they’ve promised only two) I think I’m on my way to becoming a regular at this swanky little spot. (AL)

ul. Mokotowska 19
691 782 453
Open Mon-Fri 12:00-18:00; Sat 9:00-14:00

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