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Survive the toughest three days your liver stands to face with these inside tips from the Warsaw Beer Festival’s co-founder, Paweł Leszczyński… Thursday That’s... Beer Festival Cheat Sheet!
Beer Festival Cheat Sheet! Beer Festival Cheat Sheet!

Survive the toughest three days your liver stands to face with these inside tips from the Warsaw Beer Festival’s co-founder, Paweł Leszczyński…


That’s beer geek day! It’s for those that are ready to take time off work to be the first to try the new beers. With everyone rested, it’s also the best time to chat with the brewers.

That’s when we all become one and the stadium become a giant party pub! It’s when the brewers really to try to show-off and present their best beer and snacks. It’s all about great people and great atmosphere!

Much slower – great for hanging out with your family. Some beers will already have been finished off, but hey, you’ll still have around 350 others to choose from.


Bring your mates and find the dream beer that suits your taste. Treat it as a game: you have limited time, limited resources and dwindling control of your senses. Don’t drink excessively, but explore. Talk to people: staff, other guests, etc. Think of them as your guides on this epic journey of discovery!

Argh… Queues!
Big queues suggest something unique that’s unavailable elsewhere. Will it be worth it? Well, that depends on personal taste, but those people aren’t standing in line just for the sake of it. Top tip: queues pass quicker when you’re already holding a beer!


Don’t do anything you wouldn’t do in a normal pub. Really, it’s nothing different from real life: trust your senses, be nice to others, have fun and don’t make things hard on yourself by being an asshole.

Glass or Plastic?
Plastic ain’t cool! We’ve got a limited number of special edition handmade glasses that haven’t just been designed to look good, but to also straighten out the fruity, hoppy aromas in a beer. Remember, rinse the glass before the next beer.

There’s many to pick from: personally I prefer to start with light, refreshing, sour beers before moving onto stronger ones in the evening. It’s important to clean the palette from time to time with fruity / acidic beer and to drink water regularly.


What To Watch
Our festival always sees new trends created. This time round I’m expecting to see more Gdansk-style Jopen beer (high sugar and high alcohol). More Polish breweries are looking for new spices and ideas from abroad, and I’m also anticipating more ‘wet hop’ beers (that use fresh-off-the vine, unprocessed hops).

Bloody Sunday…
I’m a hangover specialist! You’ve got to start working on the cure during the festival by drinking plenty of water and ensuring you’ve eaten – avoid heavy food. Take breaks between drinking and give some time between boozing and going to bed. Next day, avoid deep-fried or unhealthy foods, instead choose fish or eggs. Get plenty of Vitamin C inside you and… fresh garlic: that really helps your organism, especially after craft beer. Avoid grapefruit juice and only take aspirin if you really need think you need it.

9th Warsaw Beer Festival
25-27 October

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