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To many, Mokotowska is little more than a place of niche boutiques and luxury spas. But the real pull of this micro-district right now?... Behind Closed Doors
Behind Closed Doors Behind Closed Doors

To many, Mokotowska is little more than a place of niche boutiques and luxury spas. But the real pull of this micro-district right now? That’ll be its nightlife. Slowly, an increasing number of hangouts are slotting inside ground floor units creating a buzz along this elegant strip.

Not that you’ll find 6 Cocktails by scanning street level. Taking its lead from the New York fad for covert bars, the 6 adventure begins in front of a heavy arched gate. Ringing the bell we await the buzz of approval. There’s anticipation in the air and a heavy sense of secrecy. With access gained, the door thuds behind us and the long walk begins up dark flights of stairs. Footsteps echo in the half-light. It’s a movie moment: Eyes Wide Shut

Just as I’m reaching panting point, we arrive to the correct floor. Another knock and the door creaks open. We are in. Immediately, there is a feeling we have been granted entry to a clandestine world. The design is understated, but at the same time sultry and sensual. Set inside a rambling apartment, a wall of pedigree alcohol adorns one side, while branching outwards are a series of chambers: a shadowy smoking lounge with low leather sofas; a ladies bathroom with a corner bathtub. 

It’s hard to pin an era on this place: the floor in one room is an original work from 1905. You expect Hepburn to glide in or Gatsby to jump on the bar and fling banknotes in the air. But instead, we are approached by Enyo, a 20-year old law student. Having inherited the property from his grandmother, he is also the owner. “I lived here for 13 years,” he says, “the cloakroom we have, that was my bedroom.” Immensely likeable, he’s a natural charmer with a passion for his project.

Much of the interior detail was assembled personally, while his bar staff were gathered following a six month hunt: “I had to have people who understood what I was trying to do,” he explains. His patience has reaped dividends, for in Maciej and Kuba the venue has two solid pillars on which to lean. Their bespoke cocktails are a work of art: pedigree ingredients and immaculate presentation. 

“It’s like a house party,” grins the photographer, “only with brilliant liquor.” Of all the surprises, however, it is the very feel of 6 that impresses the most. There is an air of exclusivity, of course there is, but this never translates into sneery scoffs. There’s a disarming mystery to the venture that makes you dwell a little longer – “oh yes,” smiles Enyo, “we’ve had people stay till 8 a.m.” You can see why. (AW)

To join the invite list, message them on facebook:   

57 Mokotowska
Wed-Sat 18:00-2:00

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