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If there is one thing almost everyone is looking for come summertime, it’s ice cream! The Insider has rounded up a selection of the... Best Ice Cream Spots in Warsaw by District
Best Ice Cream Spots in Warsaw by District Best Ice Cream Spots in Warsaw by District

If there is one thing almost everyone is looking for come summertime, it’s ice cream! The Insider has rounded up a selection of the Best Ice Cream Spots in Warsaw by district, because we all know that, when it comes to ice cream, one scoop does not equal the next and various vendors can have VERY different recipes. So, read carefully – your taste buds will thank you (us?) later!

1 City Center

2 Praga

3 Mokotów

4 Wilanów


Cardamom ice cream with dried dates and roasted pistachio sprinkles, Vegestacja Facebook, 1 July 2021

Tłusty Kotek

Set within an old dairy plant, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find The Fat Cat appearing on every rundown of local ice cream faves. The choice here is narrower than most, but the quality is A-Class. Squeezed inside a pair of cookies, the ice cream sandwich is an essential order. More than just ice cream, head here to also fill up on some of the city’s best coffee.

Address: ul. Hoża 51

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Don’t let the 100% vegan recipes turn you away. Vegestacja prides itself on its no-milk ingredients list, which does not compromise flavor! The perfect choice for those lactose intolerant friends or, of course, the difficult-to-please vegans.

Address: ul. Poznańska 26

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Mixing, so they say, French philosophy with New York creativity and Polish heart, a visit to Frank is like happening upon a little, local secret. The pastries are a standout, but you know what, so too is the ice cream. Straying down unusual paths, they’re specifically known for their ice cream sandwiches – icy treats tucked inside cookies, shortbread and cinnamon biscuits.

Address: ul. Polna 18/20

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Rasberry Delight, Lodziarnia Akwarium Facebook, 6 July 2022


Founded in 1998, Akwarium is known for their Willy-Wonka-worthy ice cream desserts. Two scoops served with a side of sprinkles, raspberry muffin, home-made whipped cream and drizzled with sweet berry syrup… Still not convinced? Take a look at the photo below!

Address: ul. Brzeska 29/31

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On any given August weekend you’ll find Saska’s longest queues steadily building up outside this simple, street-side cabin. Everyone (including the Insider’s dog) agrees they’re worth the time, not least for their lashings of frozen yogurt drizzled with freshly chopped fruits. And when it comes to ice cream, watch out for exotica such as guava or watermelon!

Address: ul. Francuska 30

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Made to Italian recipes reputed to be 160-years old (with some personal magic thrown in to boot), Pallone pride themselves on quality ingredients: chocolate from Belgian and Colombia, citrus fruits from Sicily, and the finest cream and milk you’ll find in Poland. There’s nothing too wacky about the flavor choice but the tastes will punch you out. Wow!!!

Address: ul. Francuska 50

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Exploring Praga? Check out THIS cool mural art!

ul. Francuska 30, Lody Sosenka Facebook, 20 June 2022


Soffini ice cream, Lodziarnia Soffini Facebook, 25 June 2022


What is it with Mokotów and ice cream? Amid a hugely competitive field, the wide flavor choice, quality ingredients and loving hand of Jednorożec mark them a notch above their immediate competitors. With around 30 flavors to try, find your ice cream served with a miniature cone perched at a jaunty angle on top of your scoop.

Address: ul. Narbutta 38

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Będzie Dobrze

Since joining forces with Bartek from Lody Speciality, this Mokotów-based bakery began serving some serious scoops! Tasty, creamy and made of the highest quality ingredients, the flavors found here are the perfect compliment to one of Będzie Dobrze’s signature pastries.

Address: ul. Puławska 23/25

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Natural ingredients, artisanal Italian recipes, no artificial additives – Soffini ticks all the boxes. Located on one of Warsaw’s main thoroughfares, this place is the ideal spot to rest while commuting from one district to the next. Just finished exploring the city center? Take a tram down Puławska, stop by Soffini, and carry on to discover Mokotów.

Address: ul. Puławska 7/9

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Bubble waffle cones, Lody Naturalne Mamma Mia Facebook, 2 April 2021

Krowa w Waflu

Steps away from the Wilanów Royal Palace and Gardens, this is more than your typical ice cream spot. If King Jan III Sobieski, for whom the Wilanów Palace was built, requested dessert, you can be sure it would hail from here! Cones filled with scoops and limoncello cream, brownies with ice cream filling and Polish gingerbread served with orange slices– could things get more creative?

Address: ul. Klimczaka 5/83

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Mamma Mia

It can be difficult to differentiate oneself when the primary product on offer is something as simple as ice cream. However, probably few would expect that this non-obtrusive ice cream booth boasts a selection of over 110 flavors! Now taking a pick isn’t as simple anymore… Insider fave: we recommend vanilla (we promise, it’s NOT vanil-la)

Address: ul. Sarmacka 4

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Lody Całkiem Niezłe

Nominated the ice cream parlor of the year, Lody Całkiem Niezłe (which translates to Quite Good Ice Cream) live up to well above their name– at least that’s what the customers say. Well, looks like there’s only one way to test the verdict. Who’s tagging along?

Address: ul. Ruczaj 4

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This list will be updated with more districts and ice cream parlors.

Check back soon!

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