Best of Warsaw: Chef Best of Warsaw: Chef

bow_2015Sebastian Wełpa
So here we have it, the latest twist in Ale Wino’s remarkable story. To think, it all began as a humble online wine portal. But people liked it, to the extent a bricks and mortar venue was needed. Again, the public voted yes, and soon tables and chairs were added along with some small plates of this and little plates of that. Cue more popular approval. Yet if things were going well, the lightbulb moment had still yet to happen. That occurred with the appointment of Sebastian Wełpa, a former protégé of the acclaimed Paweł Oszczyk. All of a sudden this wasn’t just a pretty looking wine bar, but a legitimate restaurant firing out some of the capital’s best cooking. With its menu staked around concepts of ‘author’s cuisine’, in this case consider the author to be creatively dexterous and an ambassador of his art. A worthy winner.
Also nominated: Jacek Grochowina, Agata Wojda, Paweł Oszczyk, Dariusz Barański

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