Best of Warsaw: Presentation Best of Warsaw: Presentation

Nominees: Atelier Amaro, Concept 13, Kitchen, Nolita, Senses



Atelier Amaro
ul. Agrykola 1,

The tagline at Atelier Amaro announces it as a place ‘where nature meets science’. This is a truism, but it only tells a part of the story. It could just as easily be lengthened to ‘where nature meets science and becomes art’. Poland’s only Michelin starred venue is indeed special, so much so that merely labelling it a restaurant is a gross injustice. It’s more than that, it’s an exceptional exploration of new tastes and flavors – a thrilling journey into the unknown. Reality is suspended in Atelier, and when you leave, it is shrouded in the warm glow of complete contentment. In such a perfectionist environment presentation is not an afterthought, rather a key consideration. Served on stone, slate and wood, each culinary moment is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and a triumph of individuality. The plating arrangements alone are a conversation starter: diners pause to poke, prod and marvel at the food, before snapping out the phone to take the invariable picture for Facebook and Tumblr. This is food designed to provoke a response, and yes, it always does. Seen as the cradle of the New Polish movement, Atelier’s exhilarating approach to presentation is every bit as pioneering as their food. 

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