Bistro Kaskrut by Lili Filipiak Bistro Kaskrut by Lili Filipiak


When they first opened in 2013, Kaksrut were seen as pioneers – some even viewed them as the budget version of Atelier Amaro. This was all thanks to fancypants food at everyman prices. Costs have inched their way up slightly, but no-one’s complaining. Innovative as ever, a summer rebrand has seen Lili Filipiak (of Top Chef fame) installed as the driving force in the kitchen, the introduction of natural wines and a new focus on gastro excellence. Maintaining a hip, buzzy feel, look on Kaskrut’s evolution as a progressive sign of their growing maturity. At zł. 99, the 4-course tasting menu is remarkable value.

Bistro Kaskrut by Lili Filipiak
ul. Poznańska 5

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