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The heat, it appears, is finally on. While a sizeable chunk of the population still views ketchup as the devil’s work, a growing number of converts are discovering the thrill of dousing anything that’s edible in a thick coat of napalm. Fast-tracking them to heaven / hell are the bods at Ostra Kuchnia, a cult online store whose sauces go from entry level (e.g. Blair’s Jalapeno Death, High River Tears of the Sun) to kamikaze concoctions that leave flames trailing from orifices (e.g. Dave’s Ultimate Insanity, Vicious Viper and One Fuckin’ Drop at a Time…).

There’s more. Also dealing in extracts, jalapenos and fiery snacks, (Polish language only) has become an essential bookmark for hotheads in Poland. And if you think you can do better yourself, feel free to try – around 35 strains of chili are available for order. Insider tip: keep your hands out of your pants after…

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