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The Brewery…
An off-shoot of Torun’s Jan Olbracht – a standard restaurant / brewery operation – Jan Olbracht Browar Rzemieślniczy was formed last year in Piotrków Trybunalski to create brews that were altogether more artisanal. Known for racy labels that involve peasant wenches and randy kings, the craft arm of this brewery has scored some significant hits, not least from their Piotrek z Bagien range.

The Beer:
Perfect for the season, this new pumpkin ale comes with a pleasingly herby aroma, dark copper appearance and frothy white head – a beer you can imagine coming in from the cold to. Slightly bitter and with a long, lingering finish, it’s one of the more successful pumpkin ales you’ll find on the market. Extra points for a label featuring a scary pumpkin face and some bear-like monster emerging from the woods!

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