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Best of Warsaw: Vegetarian
Lokal Vegan Bistro After years of serving dull, timid dishes Warsaw’s alt. food culture, it appears, has finally found its taste buds. Look to Lokal Vegan Bistro for healthy interpretations of the schabowy chop and ‘grandmother’s potatoes’, not to mention their eco slant on junky foods like kebabs and... Read more
Best of Warsaw: BBQ

Best of Warsaw: BBQ

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Pogromcy Meatów Yearn no more for the elusive flavor of the backyard BBQ. Specializing in grilled meat, find exactly just that loaded into artisan buns alongside locally grown greens. The sense of homespun quality makes this the kind of comfort food that Warsaw has been missing for years. Honorable... Read more
Best of Warsaw: Cocktails (Classic Twist)
Bar & Books Emulating its famed New York / Prague namesake, the Warsaw rendition of Bar & Books has the comforting throwback look of a Mayfair members club. Ensconced amid the bound books and monkey portraits (!), sit back while immaculate staff fix both updated classics and contemporary creations.... Read more
Best of Warsaw: Bar Design
Między Ustami With the celebrated Hendrick’s gin so prominently pimped, it makes sense that the quirky design of Między Ustami is more in line with a Victorian apothecary than anything else. Peculiarities particular to this era are abundant (nonsensical wall paintings featuring fairies and fantastical creatures) and are matched... Read more
Best of Warsaw: Cheap Eats
Falafel Bejrut Served fresh from out of the fryer, Bejrut’s fab falafel comes wrapped inside a soft pitta brimming with herby bits and bobs. Middle eastern street food has not traditionally been Warsaw’s hidden talent, but that could change if more follow the lead of FB. We can live... Read more
Best of Warsaw: Restaurant Bar
Butchery & Wine Whatever you want to call the new wing of B&W (it’s across the road from the original, therefore not physically attached), it’s been a welcome addition. In no small part that’s due to the bar, an L-shaped space with floor-to-ceiling windows that splash open in summer.... Read more
Best of Warsaw: Fine Dining
Senses A spectacular experience from start to finish: begin by walking through a flame-lit tunnel, and then conclude the night with an edible cigar – a grand tobacco flavored pastry infused with whisky and cinnamon. In between that, our night goes something like this: beetroot bread with a teat... Read more
Best of Warsaw: Hotel Restaurant
Signature An awkward category this, chiefly because of the lingering cynicism related to hotel dining. Leave misgivings at the door, for Signature is a standout: a smooth-looking boutique space with true fine dining at largely accessible prices. Chef Wojciech Kilian’s star shines brighter with each night. Honorable mention: La... Read more
Best of Warsaw: Newcomer
MOD As extraordinary as it is eccentric, MOD is not your conventional restaurant. An odd meeting of ideas, it combines the work of three people (Kamila, Patrycja and Trisno) who between them have created a space that houses both a donut store and restaurant. It sounds a little dissonant,... Read more
Best of Warsaw: Classic Polish
Papu There are higher profile chefs than Bartek Kędra, but not many with the ability to understand diners better. Knowing when to use his trick book – and when to leave it well alone – Kędra’s menu is a joyous work that turns one-time visitors into regulars. Read more