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Best of Warsaw 2022: Ice Cream
Continuing our Best of Warsaw rundown, it’s time to turn our minds to our favorite category of all! Whilst Warsaw is now spoiled for ice cream choices, it’s Dal Dalla Gelato that wins our race… It’s always heartwarming to hear of someone chucking in the rat race to pursue... Read more
Best of Warsaw 2022: Night To Remember
Piano Bar Żelazna 51/53 (Norblin Factory) There’s no shortage of bars in the Norblin complex, but none have caught the attention more than Piano Bar – crowned with a show-stealing 12-foot chandelier that dangles from the ceiling of this dual-level structure, it’s character alone oozes a sense of confident... Read more
Best of Warsaw 2022: All-Rounder
Browar Warszawski Haberbuscha i Schielego 2 When it comes to the individual projects found in Warsaw’s hubs and halls, their solo success and impact can be easily measured – would you visit them if they were located somewhere else? Like, for example, the middle of nowhere. In the case... Read more
Best of Warsaw 2022: neighborhood hero
Warsaw has no shortage of local legends that make their districts come alive, but charming us the most over the course of the year was none other than Cafe Bar Havana… History has a funny habit of repeating itself. Opened in the 1960s in what was then the Merkury... Read more
Best of Warsaw 2022: One of a Kind Cocktails
Warsaw’s cocktail scene has traditionally been defined by its plagiaristic tendencies – in its early days, it was compulsory to look like a slick first class airport lounge; more recently, we went through the whole tedium of the speakeasy fad. Now, though, it’s about individuality. Join us to sip... Read more
Best of Warsaw 2022: Neapolitan Pizza
Popular as it was before, the lockdown era reaffirmed the city’s love of pizza – and in particular, the Neapolitan style… With that in mind, we bring you four of our faves… Pollypizza NEOpolitan ul. Puławska 24 With more and more Neapolitan pizzerias opening around town, pizzaiolos are having... Read more
Best of Warsaw 2022: Outstanding Achievement
Celebrating their tenth years of operations, our choice for ‘outstanding achievement’ was never more than a one-horse race… Jacek Grochowina of Nolita Ten years is a long time whichever way you wish to look at it – but in gastronomy, it’s even longer. That Nolita has outlasted other premium... Read more
Best of Warsaw 2022: Upcoming Bakeries
Artisanal bakeries have long been ‘a thing’ in Warsaw, with several established names heading the leaderboard – from the crop of newbies though, it’s the following two that we fell in love with in 2022… The top tip here is to snap up their shokupan – better known as... Read more
Best of Warsaw 2022: Artisanal Product
There’s no shortage of fine artisinal produce for us to praise, but no-one has warmed our hearts in quite the same way as the brilliant Bianca! Run by Francesco from Puglia (“a region where mozzarella has the same importance as our daily bread,” he says), and Kaja, a cheese... Read more
Best of Warsaw 2022: Vegan
Warsaw continues to earns global headlines for its vegan offer, and you can see exactly why with this leading trio… Peaches Gastro Girls Mokotowska 58 Cooped up during lockdown, flat mates Klaudia Górak and Monika Mazurek longed to get away – but unlike most of us who didn’t move... Read more