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Hot List 2020: Mr Greek
With its smart navy blue exterior festooned with pot plants, this tiny townhouse seduces all who pass – but if the front terrace is a gem, then enter to find a place that simply bubbles with warmth and the engaging air of gentle chaos. While there’s no frills or... Read more
Hot List 2020: Naboku
Brought to you by the same husband & wife team that created the award-winning Nabo (yep, they basically moved and started anew right next door), the latest instalment of their gastro adventure has quickly proved equally notable – if not more so. Inside a sunny room filled with retro... Read more
Hot List 2020: MOD Donuts
Shoebox in its size, it’s here you’ll find a steady queue lining up for their specialty: award-winning NYC-style donuts that transpire to be things of craft and adventure and irresistible taste. All the better for ignoring chemical nasties and mass-market shortcuts, the playful nature of MOD’s offerings is expressed... Read more
Best of Warsaw 2020: Best Restaurant
Rozbrat 20 ul. Rozbrat 20 Not for the first time Rozbrat 20 finds itself coming up trumps and winning the big ’un. For this, blame Bartosz Szymczak, a chef whose precise eye for detail transforms scrupulously sourced local ingredients into dazzling plates of big-hearted taste. Dividing the year into... Read more
Best of Warsaw 2020: Chef
Marcin Przybysz (Epoka) Although hardly standard, it’s becoming ever more common to hear of chefs hitting the history books to seek their inspiration. In Epoka, mind you, Marcin Przybysz has gone the whole nine yards by basing his entire menu upon Polish cookbooks from different epochs (hence the name, dummy!)... Read more
Best of Warsaw 2020: Outstanding Achievement
Mirosław & Andrzej Nizio It’s unknown for our Food & Drink awards to recognize the achievements of an architect and a businessman, but there can be no doubting the impact that the Nizio brothers have had on modern Warsaw’s gastronomic sector. On the one hand, there’s Mirosław, an architect... Read more
Best of Warsaw: Local Legend
Mięsny (ul. Walecznych 64) One of the few fringe benefits to emerge from the first lockdown was our newfound appreciation of all things local: whether it be a market, a night store or just a small little restaurant that made our newly limited horizons feel that little bit more... Read more
Best of Warsaw 2020: Design
Epoka ul. Ossolińskich 3 Sweeping back a curtain, the reception reveals itself in a joy of plush forest-colored fabrics, wavy black and white floor patterns and a gleaming chandelier that hangs miles above. Stepping beyond, the principal dining room is both high impact and theatrical but also low-key and... Read more
Best of Warsaw 2020: Special Awards
Dinner for two Ale Wino ul. Mokotowska 48 You could eat in Ale Wino a hundred times – and we know some people that have – and still never be bored. That alone says much for the consistency and creativity of a kitchen that has come to be admired... Read more
Best of Warsaw 2020: Best in the Neighborhood
With more people than ever refusing to leave the immediate radius of their homes, never before has having a quality neighborhood haunt been more important – this issue, we bring you a few of the standouts that make staying local an undisputed joy! WOLA Shoku ul. Karolkowa 30 At... Read more