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Best of Warsaw: Japanese
Uki Uki It’s been a magical debut year, that’s for sure. How much do the locals appreciate Warsaw’s original udon bar? Enough to queue outside the door? That’s right. Dining is a close quarters experience here, but is done so without complaint: that electric pasta maker turns out noodles... Read more
Best of Warsaw: Design

Best of Warsaw: Design

BOW 2018 27 February 2016 0

Łuski i Osći Not the obvious choice but certainly deserving: if nothing else, it’s a comfort to see a sushi bar escaping the usual formula. Instead of bamboo partitions and Hokusai waves find an enchanting aquarium wrapped around the bar and some graphic wall art explaining the ins and... Read more
Best of Warsaw: Pizza

Best of Warsaw: Pizza

BOW 2018 26 February 2016 0

Ave Pizza When finalizing this year’s categories there were dissenters in the office who wanted to cut ‘best pizza’. “Nothing has changed,” they squealed. So what!? The pizza world might have remained relatively static, but Ave deserve their moment of glory: the Ricco Calzone should have its name in... Read more
Best of Warsaw: Seafood
L’Arc You sometimes suspect Warsaw doesn’t give seafood the respect it deserves. But the city’s shortcomings are atoned for by L’Arc. Choose from the lobsters swimming on Death Row, then settle back for a meal to die for. Likewise, the oysters and mussels never disappoint. Honorable mention: Brasserie Warszawska,... Read more
Best of Warsaw: Mexican
El Popo In action since the 90s, El Popo has admittedly had its ups and downs. Currently enjoying one of its ups, that’s to the endless credit of chef Angel Aceves. The buzz is at night when Mariachi men serenade diners enjoying the expert tacos, chunky guacamole and lightning... Read more
Best of Warsaw: Kid Friendly
Der Elefant  Der Elefant’s kid friendly attitude extends far beyond humane service and a menu dla dzieci (that admittedly could be expanded). Allan Starski’s interior – he was the Oscar-winning set director for Schindler’s List, don’t you know – incorporates a play area complete with ball pool, slide and... Read more
Best of Warsaw: Steak

Best of Warsaw: Steak

BOW 2018 22 February 2016 0

Merliniego 5 Big shots go for the Class 9+ Tajima-Gyu Kobe beef every time, though even the standard filet mignon deserves the red carpet treatment: here the cow really does become something to worship. We ate here twice in 2015, and were left speechless both times – that good.... Read more
Best of Warsaw: Ice Cream
Sucre If you’re after wild and wacky tastes then Warsaw has plenty of other places that tick that box. Instead, Sucre have set their minds on perfecting the more routine flavors, and perfect them they have – all whilst eschewing any artificial baddies. People happily queue for their natural... Read more
Best of Warsaw: Thai

Best of Warsaw: Thai

BOW 2018 19 February 2016 0

Thai Thai Authentic recipes with plenty of fire and thunder inside elegant black interiors punctuated with tranquil, shiny Buddha’s. Clean, complex and fragrantly aromatic, the tastes never compromise the real flavors of Thailand: some dishes will clear your nose! The rave reviews coming the way of chef Surachart Urajaroen... Read more
Best of Warsaw: Food Truck
Gringo Bar Warsaw has grown to love its food trucks, but how many are second rate? No such worries at Gringo mind – replicating the form of their Mokotów branch, the mobile version has the same combo of bad ass hip hop and kick ass burritos! Honorable mention: Beef... Read more