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Best of Warsaw: Hotel Restaurant
Signature An awkward category this, chiefly because of the lingering cynicism related to hotel dining. Leave misgivings at the door, for Signature is a standout: a smooth-looking boutique space with true fine dining at largely accessible prices. Chef Wojciech Kilian’s star shines brighter with each night. Honorable mention: La... Read more
Best of Warsaw: Newcomer
MOD As extraordinary as it is eccentric, MOD is not your conventional restaurant. An odd meeting of ideas, it combines the work of three people (Kamila, Patrycja and Trisno) who between them have created a space that houses both a donut store and restaurant. It sounds a little dissonant,... Read more
Best of Warsaw: Classic Polish
Papu There are higher profile chefs than Bartek Kędra, but not many with the ability to understand diners better. Knowing when to use his trick book – and when to leave it well alone – Kędra’s menu is a joyous work that turns one-time visitors into regulars. Read more
Best of Warsaw: Tapas

Best of Warsaw: Tapas

BOW 2018 6 February 2016 0

Sueño Tapas Bar The management’s wanderlust is reflected by a global menu of bites that go beyond simply Latin. Diverse in its influences, this is a card with something for everyone – that explains how its succeeded in seducing a whole raft of fans. Honorable mention: Tapas Gastrobar Read more
Best of Warsaw: Foreign Chef
Martin Gimenez Castro Some disclosure: voting in our juried categories tends to be tight and tense, and this year was no different – but if there was one exception that saw a landslide winner it was this one. Galloping to victory by a country mile was Martin Gimenez Castro,... Read more
Best of Warsaw: Showmanship
Benihana Fire, flash, show and sizzle: the Benihana experience merges cooking with cabaret, with diners sat ringside around teppanyaki grills. These cooking stations are the stage for the Benihana crew to demonstrate their riveting range of nifty knifework and daredevil antics. Everyone ends up cheering! Honorable mention: Papaya Read more
Best of Warsaw: Burger
Warsaw Hot Dog & Burger While it seems behind the times to be talking about a trend that curved out a couple of years back, the bottom line is people are still craving burgers. And that’s little wonder when they’re this good. The Firestarter is a game changer and... Read more
Best of Warsaw: Cocktails Flair
Dom Wódki Those expecting Dom Wódki to be a standard mucky shot bar are in for a surprise. Sparkling with over 250 artisanal vodkas, find them incorporated into inspirational drinks mixed by Tomasz Małek, a world champion flair bartender. More than just show, the tastes are incredible. Read more
Best of Warsaw: Coffee
Cophi Knowledge is everything and Cophi have that. Unassuming in size, don’t let the lack of sq/m put you off. Sourced by Uri Wollner, the coffee here comes from afar as Ethiopia and Colombia, and is brewed using methods such as Aeropress, Chemex, drip and syphon. Read more
Best of Warsaw: Cocktail Bar
Weles Buried at the back of a parking lot, then plunged down a set of ink black stairs, it’s customary for newcomers to squeak something not dissimilar to, “where the hell are we going”. Opening out into a dark, decadent cavern, the thrilling setting is bettered only by finely... Read more

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