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Best of Warsaw: Burger
Warsaw Hot Dog & Burger While it seems behind the times to be talking about a trend that curved out a couple of years back, the bottom line is people are still craving burgers. And that’s little wonder when they’re this good. The Firestarter is a game changer and... Read more
Best of Warsaw: Cocktails Flair
Dom Wódki Those expecting Dom Wódki to be a standard mucky shot bar are in for a surprise. Sparkling with over 250 artisanal vodkas, find them incorporated into inspirational drinks mixed by Tomasz Małek, a world champion flair bartender. More than just show, the tastes are incredible. Read more
Best of Warsaw: Coffee
Cophi Knowledge is everything and Cophi have that. Unassuming in size, don’t let the lack of sq/m put you off. Sourced by Uri Wollner, the coffee here comes from afar as Ethiopia and Colombia, and is brewed using methods such as Aeropress, Chemex, drip and syphon. Read more
Best of Warsaw: Cocktail Bar
Weles Buried at the back of a parking lot, then plunged down a set of ink black stairs, it’s customary for newcomers to squeak something not dissimilar to, “where the hell are we going”. Opening out into a dark, decadent cavern, the thrilling setting is bettered only by finely... Read more
Best of Warsaw: Lunch Deal
Kaskrut Making its long overdue return a couple of months back, Kaskrut’s lunch deal has been well worth the wait. Handsomely executed, Piotr Ceranowicz’s cooking makes a mockery of the restaurants who use lunch as a way to purge the pantry of unwanted off-cuts. There’s few better ways to... Read more
Best of Warsaw: Lifetime Achievement (Food)
Paweł Oszczyk (La Rotisserie) It’s an irresistible restaurant, La Rotisserie. Placed down a scenic, cobbled street in Warsaw’s New Town, the culinary arm of the Regina Hotel is refined yet restrained: probably more so in nature than it is in look. There’s no shouty PR here, no camera crews... Read more
Best of Warsaw: Business Meeting
Elixir by Dom Wódki It’s the billion dollar question: the bods from head office are here and you need to entertain them – somewhere that gives them a true taste of Poland. Somewhere classy yet current and contemporary. Then it’s got to be Dom Wódki. If you’re really pushing... Read more
Best of Warsaw: Casual Dining
Bibenda With its weathered brickwork and a long wavy bar occupying a significant chunk of the entrance, you don’t get much more casual than Bibenda. At times, actually, it’s a challenge to get further than the aforementioned bar – not just because the place gets busy, but because even... Read more