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The Most Fantastic Fair in Poland!
Join the most fantastic event on September 16-17, 2023 at the EXPO XXI Centre for the Warsaw Fantasy Fair! Come along to the place filled with Slavic myths, demons, and fantastic encounters. The Warsaw Fantasy Fair was established in 2015 for people who love fantasy in all its shades... Read more
The Vistula Festival 2023 is approaching!
The Vistula Festival 2023 is rapidly approaching! We’ve already learned the most important details of this year’s event, filled with amazing attractions for both children and adults. When and where will it take place? What will be happening? Let’s find out! Vistula Festival 2023 in Warsaw – When and... Read more
King of The Green: Łazienki Królewskie
Once the summer residence of Poland’s last regent, no park can compete with the 76-hectare Łazienki in terms of stories or imperial grandeur… Don’t Miss Smelted by the Germans because of its patriotic value, Wacław Szymanowski’s epic Chopin statue was reconstructed based on sketches found in the artist’s burned-out... Read more
Neighbourhoods: Old Town
Levelled in 1944, the meticulous rebuilding of the Old Town fully deserves to be classed as one of the capital’s greatest ever achievements. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it presents itself in an atmospheric network of cobbled streets hemmed by tenements capped with sloping tiled roofs –... Read more
Neighbourhoods: Powisle
Whacked between the city center on one side and the river on the other, for years Powiśle had something of a reputation as an area to be skipped – not because of any deadly dangers it posed, but rather because it lacked any significant reason to linger. But where... Read more
Neighbourhoods: Praga
When benchmarking Warsaw’s progress, its commonplace to refer to its downtown skyscrapers as the most visible evidence of economic evolution. Arguably, however, it is the development of Praga that’s a more accurate yardstick. Here, after all, the unthinkable has happened. Once an area of desperate deprivation, today it’s become... Read more
Follow Me: Hashtagalek
Better-known under the nom de plume of Hashtagalek, Aleksander Malachowski’s approach remains as original now as it was when he first broke onto the scene. A triumph of style, detail, and bold, striking beauty, the images of Hashtagalek make him the one photographer that every Warsaw addict simply has to follow.  WI: You... Read more
Neighbourhoods: Wola
Born from the Industrial Revolution, Wola’s past is reflected via the old workers’ tenements and factories that fill the area. The last few years, however, have seen an aggressive bout of development that has seen its eastern and southern fringes returned to life thanks to fancy residential compounds and... Read more
Neighbourhoods: Centre
The centre is, of course, where everything happens. A little disorienting at first glance, the skyline hits you in a bang – the ominous presence of the Stalinist era Palace of Culture now softened by modern towers such as Daniel Liebeskind’s luxury apartment building Złota 44. Criss-crossed by the... Read more
Neighbourhoods: Muranow
Levelled during the war in a bid to erase all traces of the Ghetto, the often unsung Muranów district offers more than a handful of key sights to justify a proper day of exploration. Taken on their own the 1950s aesthetics impress architecture buffs looking to snap examples of... Read more