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In The Red
For the definitive blast to the past, a visit to the Museum of Life Under Communism has become an essential part of any cultural itinerary… (Text: Alex Webber | Photos: Ed Wight) Traditionalists shudder: with their clever marketing and CGI gimmicks, Warsaw’s top museums have the slick, polished feel... Read more
Heavenly Creatures
Artist Mirella von Chrupek tells the story behind her latest project: a tiny exhibition space found on a once gloomy corner off Plac Zbawiciela. What’s the idea behind your exhibition on Marszałkowska? The idea came to me when I was walking down the street one rainy Autumn day. It... Read more
The Rust is History
Thirty kilometers from Warsaw lies a graveyard with a difference: a weird world of disintegrating cars… (Text: Alex Webber | Photos: Ed Wight) Where do cars go when they die? Well, there is no heaven for machines, but there is Grodzisk Mazowiecki, a sleepy little town southwest of Warsaw. It’s... Read more
Return of the Dapper Man
Trent Payne of the heisdapper.com style blog talks to the Insider about what it takes to be a modern man… Define Mr. Dapper’s style… He’s inspired by the British gentleman. When I was eight my dad took me up to the West End of London for the first time... Read more
The King Of Steaks

The King Of Steaks

Features 28 April 2015 0

It’s been described as the purest of pleasures, but there’s more to good steak than lighting a flame under a cow… That much is understood by Merlinego 5, a classic looking steakhouse that swirls in shadow, brickwork and elegant touches. Settling upstairs, the first of the spring sun sloping... Read more
Life’s a Pitch
Saturday mornings have seen a growing band of expats set the alarm clock to turn-out for the most diverse football team in Poland… (Text: Alex Webber | Photos: Ed Wight)  None of the crowd have given me a chance. My teammates don’t have much faith either. The match is in... Read more
Cool As Ice(land)

Cool As Ice(land)

Features 18 April 2015 0

As one door closes another one opens: after four years in Powiśle, cult label Reykjavik District touchdown on edgy Burakowska… While gentrification might have stalled its creative revolution, you don’t have to go far back to the time Powiśle was being talked about as the definition of urban cool:... Read more
Bristle City

Bristle City

Features 17 April 2015 0

The categorical statement piece this year? An expertly groomed beard. The Insider visits Barberian, the go-to place for aspiring gents… (Text: Alex Webber | Photos: Kevin Demaria)  Last year a scientific study (and I’m not making this up) claimed that the planet had approached a ‘peak beard’ stage, i.e., a... Read more
The Iron Man

The Iron Man

Features 15 April 2015 0

The very embodiment of Polish manhood, the Insider explores the life of the national hero Józef Piłsudski… (By Stuart Dowell)  Józef Piłsudski, the Iron Marshall, Commander of the Polish Legions, Head of State, Prime Minister and consummate chain-smoker, was quite simply the Daddy of Polish political and national life... Read more
Your Museum Needs You!
A campaign to find exhibits for Warsaw’s Museum of Polish Vodka was launched in March, with the top three donations in line for a cash prize of zł. 1,000. Situated in the former Koneser Vodka Factory, the museum will be the first of its kind in the world. Scheduled... Read more