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Gym’ll Fix It

Gym’ll Fix It

Features 9 June 2013 0

Enjoyed a Christmas turkey did you? There’s only one winner in that match: the stomach. The Insider investigates how to win the Battle of the Bulge. Time does wicked things. By pursuing the largely irresponsible lifestyle of an adolescent, I’ve ended up looking like anything but one. Don’t apply... Read more
The food of love
Behold, Valentine’s: an evening of flowers, frolics, flirting and… food. The Insider lifts the covers to find out what happens when chefs get romantic… Delizia ul. Hoża 58/60, www.delizia.com.pl Warsaw loves Italian food, but that doesn’t mean it does it well. How many restaurants serve below par dishes, thumped... Read more
A Night Made For Two
Finding Mr/Mrs Right is easy. The hard part is doing the right thing by them for Valentine’s Night. The Insider considers your options. “It is better to have loved and lost than never to have lost at all.” So go the words of Samuel Butler. Catchy you might think.... Read more
Chips Ahoy

Chips Ahoy

Features 9 June 2013 0

Forget the fast food joint with the big yellow arches, the capital is now being taken over by some top drawer fries with a much more European flavour. Poor Belgium. It really doesn’t get the credit it deserves. For a country that invented fries and has the best beer... Read more
All You Need is Love
The dating game is a loaded gun – yet this complicated sport becomes more intricate still when abroad. The Insider finds out the do’s and do not’s. I guess you could say I’m something of an accidental expert at finding love in the hostile trenches of Warsaw’s dating scene.... Read more
Love Matches

Love Matches

Features 9 June 2013 0

The Insider sorts through its library to see what that crazy little thing called love has done to the denizens of Warsaw in legend, literature and reality. The Original Love Story There’s many a yarn out there about how the Syrenka, the sword-and-shield-wielding symbol of Warsaw, established her foothold... Read more
Behind Kitchen Doors
Chef Joseph Seeletso has been at the forefront of Warsaw’s culinary rise. Now, you too can learn the tricks of the trade from the master himself. The cult of the chef has long been celebrated out west; in Poland, however, it’s a phenomena that remains in its infancy. That’s... Read more
Every Dog has its Day
Beata Konarska is one half of the Konarska-Konarski studio, alongside husband Paweł Konarski. They are the couple behind the celebrated bar/design studio Pies Czy Suka (Dog or Bitch). Here Konarska tells the Insider about her inspirations, her work and the Polish world of design. WI: What influenced you to... Read more
Smooth Hoperator
Forget the mega brands, Polish beer is being given a new lease of life by the backwater breweries: places like Browar Konstancin. Past Warsaw city limits, and down a bumpy track of puddles and potholes, something truly wonderful is brewing – literally. Operating since 1993, Browar Konstancin have built... Read more

Siren Call

Features 5 June 2013 0

As a thirty-something designer who grew up in Kraków and Zakopane, PLICH has made a splash on the Warsaw fashion scene: he is a household name to all the glamorous starlets of Polish cinema. After making a name for himself among local fashionistas and opening a boutique on Mokotowska,... Read more

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