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Expat Confidential

Expat Confidential

Features 14 August 2014 0

Our earwigging bar spy returns with more tall tales of expat woe overheard in the bars and clubs of the capital city… “Years ago I was working for a five star hotel in Warsaw – one of the big, famous chains. We’d decided to upgrade the TVs from the... Read more
In the Long Run

In the Long Run

Features 13 August 2014 0

Thirty one years old, the Warsaw branch of the Hash House Harriers is a bona fide ex-pat institution. We learn more about their heritage and tradition… People I never expected to meet in Warsaw, part one: a witch doctor. And not just any witch doctor but The Witch Doctor.... Read more
Off the Card Cocktails
When the drink menus look like they are carved in stone, try ordering off the menu. Here are five places we love to chat n sip with the bartender. Leniviec (Poznańska 7) There were natural suspicions when Leniviec made the transition from coffee to cocktails, but whose laughing now?... Read more
Street Scout: Oleandrów
Often overlooked as a grey stretch of nothing, Oleandrów street is in fact alive with energy and enterprise and bold self-expression… Kurczaki Oleandrów 8 If you like your birds spit-roasted then look no further than Kurczaki, a budget eatery whose specialty is chicken. Wait it out in sweltering temperatures... Read more
TAKE FIVE: Vintage Stores
When all that new seems plain and boring. It’s time to go retro. Hey Joe (ul. Zlota 8) No more than 70 cm between the window and the shelves packed to the brim with vinyl, this legendary store makes for a very personal experience. The owner is more than... Read more
Free time for free art
Art doesn’t mean shuffling around in silence and stillness. We reveal three places that encourage interaction… Museum of Modern Art (artmuseum.pl/en/muzeum) Whilst city planners bicker over this 1970’s glass fronted building’s listed status, I recommend taking the family to what was previously a furniture shop and getting acquainted with... Read more
Just A Perfect Day
Take 24hrs and a small section of the city and the Insider brings you a perfect day… It’s not often my day begins at daybreak – hey, those are the perks of being ‘funemployed’ – but on the occasions it does then WakeCup Café (Franciszkańska 14) is the first... Read more
Gimme Food (trucks)!
You wouldn’t want to tell someone lining up for his welfare check, but the economic devastation brought about by the ‘credit crisis’ did have a silver lining: from these desperate financial ruins the food truck was born – and now, it’s rolled into Warsaw… Though so-called ‘roach coaches’ –... Read more
The Secret Garden
There’s an abundance of al fresco dining options in Warsaw – but as soon becomes apparent, for each secret garden are flimsy tables planted right by the curb: is that SUV going to back into me, you splutter over coffee. We bring you a countdown of the Insider’s favorites…... Read more
Why Warsaw?

Why Warsaw?

Features 16 July 2014 0

A native New Yorker of Polish ancestry, Michael Schudrich has been living in Poland since 1992 where he serves the community as Poland’s Chief Rabbi. He speaks to the Insider about life in Poland… Before settling here you visited Poland a few times in the 70s, and attended Jagiellonian... Read more