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Browary Warszawskie
Several years in the making, the 2021 opening of Browary Warszawski has been internationally lauded as a prime example of urban regeneration… Back Story Established in 1846, the Haberbusch & Schiele brewery that once occupied this plot was the largest such plant in the entire Kingdom of Poland. Later... Read more
Community Hub: Norblin Factory
Back Story Opened on the site of a former metal factory, the scale of Norblin takes a while to sink in. A beautiful combination of new and old, it’s a photogenic example of everything that makes modern Warsaw so captivating. Representing 200-years of history, the two hectare site is... Read more
Community Hub: Centrum Praskie Koneser
Back Story Built in 1897, from its early inception Koneser was built with one duty in mind: to produce vodka. According to one story, as German troops approached the city in 1915, the decision was taken to pour the vodka into the streets so as to prevent their soldiers... Read more