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Mexican Month

Mexican Month

Partner news 27 September 2016 0

Art, music, film and food: coordinated by the Mexican Embassy, September has seen a rash of activity celebrating the colorful culture of Mexico. Thus far, events have included three days of film at the cult Kino Ilujzon as well as a Mexican Week held in the Sheraton’s Someplace Else... Read more
Musical Passions

Musical Passions

Partner news 26 September 2016 0

La Passion de La Musique helps people achieve their dreams through music, regardless of the individual’s age, skills or musical background. Neither will you waste time traveling around for your class as the teachers come straight to your home. Teachers are carefully selected and attend to every student’s needs. They specialize... Read more
Naturally Done

Naturally Done

Partner news 12 August 2016 0

At Naturel find elegant interiors that suit the modern cuisine and minimalist menu. Based on seasonal produce of the highest quality, everything in the kitchen is natural and fresh. Chef Marcin Jabłonski’s personal touch ensures that each dish is unique. Combining science with nature, we welcome all diners to... Read more
Fine Dining Week
Warsaw’s first ever ‘fine dining week’ aims to showcase the higher end of the capital’s restaurant scene: for zł. 119 diners will be able to enjoy a tailor-made 5-course tasting menu at a number of upmarket restaurants. “During the festival,” say the organizers, “we’ll be aiming to show that... Read more
Tastes of Now

Tastes of Now

Partner news 5 August 2016 0

Steamy summer evenings were invented with Bazar Kocha in mind. Positioned down on magical Mokotowska, chill down with a glass of wine before working your way round a seasonal menu full of twists and surprises: broad beans with mint, zucchini ‘flowers’, goat’s cheese ice cream with red cabbage and,... Read more
Try The Trattoria
You can trust an Italian restaurant to be at the front of Muranów’s culinary renaissance. Featuring stylish cosmopolitan interiors and a generous garden terrace, swing by this month to enjoy an updated menu featuring fresh fish and several new steaks and see why Trattoria Murano has become a neighbourhood... Read more
Garden Greens
As Warsaw sweats August out, the chase is on to find the city’s best garden: could that be Zielnik? Found inside one of the capital’s finest parks, swing by on Sunday’s while live jazz acts toot in the background. Sat in the shade of an elegant marquee, kick back... Read more
Lofty Ambition
There have been times this summer when the air has felt so stiff and still you could strike a match off it. The climate has been punishing, but respite has been provided at Loft. Bypassing a busy ground level filled with pops of color, head upstairs to find an... Read more
A Cut Above. The complete guide to good meat.
Mariusz Hańczewski of the Czerwona Krowa butchery talks about the importance of introducing top quality meat to your diet… Photos by Remigiusz GRUDZIEŃ Where do you get your meat from? We use a few different small breeders with all of our suppliers’ placing an emphasis on quality over quantity. Cultivating... Read more
A Healthy Barbecue?
With summer approaching the lure of dining alfresco grows ever stronger. And what can beat the taste and thick, smoky aroma of a BBQ? However, it’s important to pay attention to the way we barbecue to ensure the food is healthy enough for all – children included! At,... Read more