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Junior Ink

Junior Ink

Partner news 25 September 2019 0

With the latest installment of the Warsaw Tattoo Convention coming up in October, express your creative wild side with a tattoo that will change your life! Playfully dubbing themselves as “The Worst Studio In The City”, Junior Ink have emerged as anything but, with over 40,000 Facebook followers attesting... Read more
Cava: A New Style At An Old Favorite
Undergoing a complete metamorphosis in recent months, one of Warsaw’s most recognizable cafes has become a synonym for love, life, ethical hedonism and a celebration of free time. Featuring the greenest garden in the city center, we’ve also got DJs from Thursday to Sunday, eco-minded food sourced from reliable... Read more
Raising The Steaks!

Raising The Steaks!

Partner news 16 September 2019 0

For Warsaw’s top steak, look no further than Beef n’ Pepper… Created by people truly passionate about beef, we offer 28-day, dry-seasoned Polish beef that’s simultaneously tender, juicy and incredibly well-marbled. Our restaurant specializes in such extraordinary dishes with our chef carefully selecting each ingredient to make for a... Read more
An Hour In Morocco

An Hour In Morocco

Partner news 11 September 2019 0

At magical Maghreb, the exotic becomes accessible to all… Maghreb is a place to call home – a warm, familiar restaurant whose bijou interior falls on the good side of casual: you sit amid striped wallpaper and exotic rugs while friendly servers make their way past shelves of wine... Read more
We’re One-of-a-kind!
Both thrilling and versatile, the creative interiors of Drukarnia are perfect for an evening with a twist … Located in the heart of the Kamionek district – just minutes from central Warsaw – the former printing house that serves as our home has proved to be inspiring in more... Read more
Save The Date: A new festival taps down for summer!
Prepare for a festival with a difference! In the historical setting of the Jabłonna Palace, the first installment of ‘Culture With A Palace In The Background’ will be held. Running on selected weekends until August 25th, our summer cinema and outdoor music concerts promise a unique experience for visitors... Read more
Popular European Jurisdictions for your Startup
Europe remains one of the top business destinations in the world and many European cities have an attractive startup environment, encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship. Read more
Join The Warsaw Montessori Family
The Warsaw Montessori Family invites prospective parents of children 0-6 years old to learn more about school and educational values. With over 20 years of experience on the market, our branches cover every stage of a child’s development: from infants and toddlers through to Casa (kindergarten), elementary and high... Read more
Raffles Europejski Anniversary Ball
Raffles Europejski Warsaw is hosting its first Anniversary Ball on June 7th 2019, bringing back a tradition which made Hotel Europejski ‘the it place’ in its heyday. The 1920s and 1930s saw numerous famous ‘Fashion Balls’ in which Queens and Kings of Fashion were crowned, along such other celebrated... Read more
Sensual Cuisine Is The Result Of Passion
SENSES is a culinary window to the world. It’s here, day after day, where a culinary spectacle entitled “A Feast for the Senses” is staged, directed by Andrea Camastra, who follows his unwavering passion. It is a unique place on the culinary world map. The restaurant is the most... Read more