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Eating Out: Delhi6
Just when we thought we’d seen it all before, along comes a street food inspired eatery to turn Warsaw’s Indian scene on its head… Call us jaded, but Warsaw’s Indian scene has long ceased to thrill. Long gone are the days when news of a new restaurant would travel... Read more
Mokotów Hero: Rdest
In Mokotów, tiny Rdest are busy proving that things come in small packages and small ovens… Tucked away near Morksie Oko, this neighborhood gem could go unnoticed were it not for the lovely oversized typography set vertically on the large storefront window – this outsized statement contrasts against the... Read more
Going Out: Reginabar na Mysiej
If ever a marriage was made in heaven, it was this summer’s coupling of Mysia 3 and Reginabar – two cult destinations cut from the same philosophical cloth. Who’s Who First off, let’s introduce Mysia 3 to those that aren’t any the wiser – set in the former Communist... Read more
Going Out: Zaremba Cafe
The site of the legendary Zaremba atelier proves tailor made for the brand’s new café-bar concept… What’s In The Name? Indelibly associated with the finest bespoke tailoring practices, the name Zaremba should already resonate with a certain class of gentleman. Founded by Edward Zaremba in 1894, the family’s first... Read more
Restaurants: Santa Catrina
From the skilled hand of Isabel Balderas comes a Mexican restaurant to treasure… Sure, there have been no shortage of ill-advised catastrophes, but by in large Warsaw’s track record when it comes to Mexican food has overall been pretty strong. In recent times, that’s meant vegan miracles from Momencik,... Read more
Eating Out: Tuna

Eating Out: Tuna

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One of Warsaw’s best-loved chefs hits the mark again with his latest sea-minded project… GPS Locator Located within shouting distance of the river, Tuna’s convenient coordinates do not automatically make it easy to find – actually entered from Tamka, find it positioned down a discreet little path that’s easy... Read more
Eating Out: Bota Food & Friends
Through the forest of plants, lies a hot Praga secret… When it comes to Praga’s regeneration, it is traditionally Ząbkowska street that holds the headlines – which is quite natural given the impact that its Koneser development has had on the district. But the story does not terminate at... Read more
The Ice Age: Warsaw’s Best Ice Cream 2022
We’ve spent months trying out the options, so without further ado we’re delighted to present our favorite ice creams of 2022! For… Wild Tastes Ice Pot Hala Gwardii & Soczi 6B Ice Pot has long been one of the Insider’s favorite scoops and they keep getting better with age.... Read more
Going Out: Café Vintage Kolektyw
A fine vintage indeed: amusing antiques meet quirky coffee inside this treasure of a café… With Hałas and Francuska 30 already doing a rather fine job, leafy Saska Kępa would thrive just as well without one more specialty café on its books. But boxing off Vintage Kolektyw merely as... Read more
Eating Out: Franco
A.k.a. ‘the caper crusader’, Franco states his case as Warsaw’s Numero Uno when it comes to pizza… The enduring craze for Neapolitan pizza shows no sign of slowing – and as the competition heats up, so too does the overall quality. Located between Politechnika Metro and Pl. Konstytucji, Franco... Read more