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Cybermachina: the future of bars!
Players Ready: but are you? Discover the games pub taking Warsaw by storm! Where Is It? The Nowy Świat addy is a deception. Find Cybermachina not on the main high street but rather behind it on ul. Gałczyńskiego. Set in a labyrinthine basement unit just past the very decent... Read more
Review: Frank
Established as one of country’s most recognizable chefs, Aleksander Baron has returned to action… and it’s not Polish food he’s cooking, but German! Baron: A Reintroduction From kitchen rebel to national treasure, the last ten years or so have seen Aleksander Baron grow to become one of the dominant... Read more
Eating Out: Veganda
Backdrop Looking at it from above, it’s easy to divide Zbawiciela into six segments: you’ve got the slice that houses the church; the vibey bit with Plan B and Charlotte; the office block; the café curve; and the bit no-one hangs around on. Finally, there’s the portion with Veganda.... Read more
An Indian Legend: Karma
A case of instant karma? Certainly, you don’t wait long for good things to happen in Karma… Coordinates Third time lucky? The last few years have seen Karma serve-up in the city center, out in Mokotów before finally settling up north next door to Muranów. With an entrance half-hidden... Read more
Dessert Of The Month: Domo Bake
Hidden under Poniatowski Bridge, Domo Bake redefines the artisanal dessert landscape… Nicknamed ‘the Sugar Queen’, Dominika Małysiak has earned every jewel in her baking crown through perseverance, creativity and dedication. Entirely self-taught, she’s become one of the brightest beacons of Poland’s baking community…  The Proof Is In The Pudding... Read more
Restaurant Of The Week: La Vegana
Vietnamese-inspired, but featuring no shortage of other Asian options, this plant-based restaurant proves an unexpected hit… Look From the very point of entry, there’s something likeable about La Vegana. Interior-wise, money has been spent wisely on a design that blends teal colors with wood finishes, wicker extras and statuettes... Read more
Amun: Kebab of the Month!
Another month and another magical discovery on the kebab front… When we proclaimed Fazir to be Poland’s best kebab last month we unwittingly unleashed something of a war. “So you’ve visited every kebab store in the country,” scoffed one unhappy critic; “bullshit,” opined another. And gosh, that was in... Read more
Review: Japonka
Background Though lacking the high and shouty profile of some Warsaw restauranteurs, no-one can call into question the impact Linh Nguyen has had on the capital. Credited with game-changing concepts such as Vietnamka, Koreanka, Viet Nem, Pho2 and lord knows what else, she has indelibly shaped the way we... Read more
Bread of Heaven: Będzie Dobrze Piekarnia
Warsaw baking heads in a fresh direction… Background Warsaw has enjoyed a baking renaissance these last few years, and Będzie Dobrze is a prime example of the good things that have resulted as a part of this. Tucked beside the monstrous Europlex building, their name refers to the optimistic... Read more
Review: Źródło
Retro yet refined, Źródło promise an experience to remember… Coordinates Speaking frankly, this is just about the last location we’d imagine working – but what do we know? Amassing over 3,000 fans since opening (well over average by Warsaw restaurant standards), Źródło have acquired a devoted following despite unfavorable... Read more