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Eating Out: Tajka
Tajka premiers in the downstairs space vacated by Vietnamka… BackgroundWhen Vietnamka opened it became the talk of the town, its reputation mirrored by its guest list – it wasn’t unusual to spot celeb chefs like Kurt Scheller scurrying out with a takeaway. Their success has continued post-lockdown, and resulted... Read more
Going Out: Rydygiera Courtyard
A diamond in the rough, the courtyard buildings at Rydygiera 9 house three restaurants with unexpected charm. Kraken Bar Żoliborz Quint from Jaws – do you remember that old seadog? Well, were he to ever trade the shark hunting racket for bar design you’d imagine Kraken would be the... Read more
Boca Boca: A Vegan Restaurant in Warsaw
Does Warsaw even need another vegan restaurant? You might think it doesn’t, but then again, you might have to ask yourself how many vegan restaurants are quite like Boca Boca… The Vegan Look in Warsaw A colorful geometric mural with a giant “Guilty Pleasure” neon is the focal point... Read more
Nighttime Food Market in Warsaw
Heard of a food market that opens only at night? This late night food market in Warsaw is the city’s coolest spot to satisfy that nighttime food craving! Over the last decade Warsaw’s gastro scene experienced several watershed moments, some bigger than others: from the country’s first Michelin star... Read more
The Best Tex-Mex Restaurant in Warsaw
If tex-mex food is your cuisine of choice you cannot miss Blue Cactus restaurant in Warsaw, it’s a must! The Story of Tex-Mex and Blue Cactus in Warsaw First opened in 1997, the Blue Cactus was one of those early clutch of venues that set Warsaw’s gastronomy on a... Read more
Warsaw’s Burger Bar from Boston
Take a bite of Boston at the Święci z Bostonu Burger Bar in Warsaw. This small restaurant in the backwaters of the city’s Ochota district issues a big call beyond its neighborhood boundaries…   At Święci z Bostonu Burger Bar there’s no shortage of pictures of the late rebel... Read more
Eating Out: hub.praga
Praga’s renaissance rises another notch with the debut of an upmarket gem…   Signs of Praga’s ongoing gentrification are numerous, and although it’s the mixed use Koneser project that tends to hog the headlines, advances are being made in the streets all around. Sitting practically opposite the gloriously revived... Read more
Eating Out: Polly Pizza
Warsaw has a gazillion places that now vie for the title of the city’s best pizza, and you can be sure to now add Polly to that growing list of names… Fact: every neighborhood deserves a good pizza joint. Acting as a focal point for informal meet-ups, they’re also... Read more
Eating Out: Syrena Irena
Despite being such a staple of the Polish diet – not to mention one of the country’s most famous culinary exports – dumpling restaurants have traditionally been low-impact affairs aimed more at oldies and traditionalists rather than any other demographic (e.g. people below fifty). True, in many ways that... Read more
Eating Out: Muzealna
Not to be mistaken for a fuddy-duddy museum experience, Muzealna captures the essence of modern Polish food and design… Location, Location, Location Dating from the inter-war years, the modernist edifice housing the National Museum in Warsaw strikes nothing if not a powerful pose – passing it outside, it’s impossible... Read more