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Summer in the city
On a sweaty summer’s day the beach next to Poniatowski Bridge came with a dose of the unexpected: a giant SO! COFFEE mug with a fair few surprises! At the bottom, and awaiting the intrepid volunteers, oodles of vouchers for redemption at SO! COFFEE – see all the action... Read more
Warsaw Rugby Festival
Not everyone is aware of the fact that Warsaw will host two major sport events in May. One is the Europa League final, the other is the Warsaw Rugby Festival to be hosted by the Frogs & Co. RFC. Taking place every May since 1996 the rugby tournament, previously... Read more
Bollywood Lounge
You might remember Bollywood in their previous incarnation: as a sweaty resto-club that frequently descended into bedlam. With a decent menu, cult club nights and a superb location in the heart of the city, it was busy round the clock – so what went wrong for the original, you... Read more
National Stadium Ice Rink
I live with a football fanatic whose second home is a stadium, and through preference I steer well clear. But when the National Stadium announced it would transform to an indoor ice rink, I was lured by the thought of experiencing that adrenaline rush footballers get when stepping onto the... Read more