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As Cinco De Mayo lands, join us for a look at our favorite Mexican haunts in Warsaw… Blue Cactus Dobra 42 (Elektrownia) They say... Cinco De Mayo: Warsaw’s Top Mexicans!
Cinco De Mayo: Warsaw’s Top Mexicans! Cinco De Mayo: Warsaw’s Top Mexicans!

As Cinco De Mayo lands, join us for a look at our favorite Mexican haunts in Warsaw…

Blue Cactus

Dobra 42 (Elektrownia)

They say legends never die, and proving that is the long-awaited return of this Warsaw institution. Originally launched in the 90s, the Cactus is best remembered for raucous, margarita fueled nights and a menu credited with opening the city’s then innocent culinary eyes. Much has changed since, but whilst the management have promised to cater for nostalgists, they’re also adopting an updated, modern-minded philosophy and an approach valuing artisanal, local produce. Launched on the quiet whilst they finesse the final product, we can’t wait to visit in the upcoming days!

What We Rate

We’ll tell you when we’re back!

Dos Tacos

Jasna 22

The true secret weapon at Dos Tacos is Isabel Balderas, a Mexican chef that has mastered the bright, bold tastes of her native country. Although Dos Tacos isn’t the most ‘fashionable’ of Mexican eateries, the food is often exceptional – the Al Pastor tacos are our go-to order.

What We Rate

The salsas are beautiful and, at times, beautifully dangerous. The under-the-counter salsa clandestinas should come with a health warning. But despite their lethal potential to incapacitate, you keep dipping in for more no matter as to the risks involved. 

El Popo

Senatorska 27

Age hasn’t wearied El Popo one iota. This place feels like it’s been around for longer than the sun, but that hasn’t been to the detriment of the atmosphere. A place of happiness, the full color of the Mexican kitchen is brought to life via a menu that you can rely on – for old timers living in Warsaw, visiting El Popo isn’t dissimilar to popping on your favorite slippers.

What We Rate

As the temperatures begin to climb, look out for their paleta ice lollies.

Gringo Bar

Various locations, inc. Odolańska 15 & Hala Koszyki

Cooked and folded by fist bumping lads in back-to-front caps and baggy t-shirts, the food at Gringo is fiery, fresh and full of zing. There are detractors who claim this is a perversely Polonized version of this cuisine, but in our eyes the informal Gringo remains one of Warsaw’s market leaders.

What We Rate

The philosophy. Before Gringo arrived, Mexican venues were the preserve of shouty expats and middle-aged Poles. Gringo popularized the food with an entirely younger demographic.

La Sirena

Piękna 54

Inspired by the ultra-violent films of Danny Trejo, the small but hardcore interior heaves with machetes, holy shrines, skulls and wire mesh. But if La Sirena looks fab, it tastes even better. Introducing a more finessed approach to Mexican cuisine, the flavors and ingredients here speak of a kitchen keen to show a more nuanced side to this magical culture. And we just love that tart and tangy ‘near death’ salsa.

What We Rate

The cocktails here are a knockout. Inventive, exciting and expertly made, they’re to be reckoned as among the best in town.

MariCruz Mission Burrito

Zgoda 3 & Dobra 42 (Elektrownia)

Exuding the rackety, rickety feeling of a food shack, it’s an environment that’s ideal for such a simple street food staple as the “Mission burrito”. Lively and engaging, it’s exactly the required kind of backdrop when dealing with hand-held food. And what’s with the “Mission” part? That sees the burrito given a treatment first devised in Frisco’s Mission district, with the tightly-rolled tortilla steamed rather than grilled to give it a more elastic texture that’s suited to packing it to the max with slow-cooked ingredients and boisterous homemade salsas.

What We Like

Not all of us are capable of eating successfully with our hands. With these people in mind, the girls of MariCruz have gone the extra yard by introducing idiot-proof burrito bowls.


Poznańska 16

You don’t need to be vegan to enjoy Momencik, for such is their magnificence that this meat-free establishment outranks many of the ‘proper Mexicans’ in town. Limiting their menu to tacos, burritos, gringas and tostados, this pokey subterranean den has come to be regarded as one of the city’s cult addresses.

What We Rate

The salsas deserve a medal – you could happily exist on just the pineapple salsa for the rest of your life.


Jana Pawła II 61

On first look, Rico feels mainstream and unadventurous: at a time when restaurants are falling over each other to be brave and daring, Rico’s ABC choice of standard Tex-Mex seems prosaic. Perhaps it is, but that doesn’t stop it from being an enjoyable experience. Though lacking any salsas that actually bite, the food is reliably good – and often so much more. Served in a glass skull, the mango Coronita proves good company for your burrito.

What We Rate

Rico, along with a one or two other joints down the road, have lifted the entire area out of its culinary black hole – that’s not be sniffed at.

Senor Lucas

Hoża 41 (enter from Poznańska 16)

Submerged down one of those cramped, little walk-down units on Poznańska, its tiny proportions (one table and a counter to lean on) and basic aesthetics (a blackboard and some crates) belie a standard that sits there with the best – actually, it’s become our favorite Mex in town! Based around handmade tortillas, find a small menu of burritos and rolled quesadillas stuffed with marinaded meats and ringing with peppy salsas and big flavor contrasts.

What We Rate

The food, dummy – the addictive brilliance of Lucas is indisputable.

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