Cinderella in Warsaw! Cinderella in Warsaw!

Announcing itself in a burst of splendid seasonal color, for the past two years the tiny ‘Gablotka’ gallery on Marszałkowska 41 has been cheering up Warsaw with its witty style. Found inside a small glass case once used by a local cobbler to display his work, it’s a surefire candidate for Poland’s smallest gallery.


“I’ve been running my Gablotka for over two years now,” says artist Mirella Von Chrupek, “and it’s always been about the seasons and the introduction of new heroes. Spring is always a very nice season to play with as there are so many themes of revival and expectations…”

“My latest exhibition,” says the artist, “represents what most of us associate with spring: nice weather and flowers. This time I decided to play with bright, vivid colors and came up with blue sky and red poppies in a meadow. As there’s always someone living inside the Gablotka, this time I decided to have Cinderella diving into a flower. If you turn your head upside down you will see that the poppy is actually her dress!”


“I change the exhibition every two months,” she continues, “or at least I try to so that the intervals aren’t any longer than ten weeks or so. My idea is not to hurry. I don’t set any deadlines for myself, I just get the feeling in my bones when the right time is right for a new display. The moment I have my moment of ‘enlightenment’ I being working, ordering materials, and visiting shops for specific items. The whole process usually takes me up to two weeks.”


“When the new Gablotka is installed, I give myself a little rest and just admire the view. I change the batteries in the lighting system every five days and that’s always a good chance to meet and talk to people about their opinion on my little gallery. It’s really rewarding when people send me pictures of themselves next to it. Then, during the second month, I just let go a little and wait for my next moment of inspiration…”

For more on this remarkable artist, check:

(Photos courtesy of Mirella Von Chrupek)

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