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Having already toured 17 cities across the world, the Cool Globes exhibition touched down in Warsaw in May and has been wooing crowds ever since. “I thought they’d be really appreciated here in Warsaw,” says organizer Janice Rzycki, “so I brought them here.”

“This is public art with a purpose,” says Janice, “the 16 globe sculptures do more than just brighten up the boulevard and riverside, they actually inspire people, both young and old, to think about what we can do about climate change. This exhibit is a fun way to get people to interact about a pressing issue that we cannot ignore.”


With each designed by a different artist, every globe is unique with the accompanying messages touching on topics such as water conservation, responsible agriculture and solar energy – what connects them is an underlying narrative strand that aims to open dialogue about the ongoing battle with global warning.


While many of the globes have been created by international artists, pride of place has been awarded to a work by Warsaw-based Marek Sulek. Titled ‘Plant a Tree’, it aims to raise awareness with regards to the harm diseased and unhealthy trees can cause. “These trees don’t absorb pollution,” says Janice, “but actually emit harmful carbons. So this is an important message to Warsaw: cut down those mangled trees and replace them with healthy ones. Clean our city air by lining more parks with trees and greenery.”

On display until August 3rd, find the globes lined up on Bulwary Wiślane.

(Text: AW | Photos: Ed Wight)

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