Covid-19 Hits Warsaw Covid-19 Hits Warsaw

With Poland’s first case of Covid-19 confirmed on March 4th, it didn’t take long for the virus to spread across the nation. For their part, the government moved fast to outlaw mass gatherings, close schools and shut borders. Bafflingly, the response of the church was more muddied with some priests actively encouraging crowds to gather for mass and others claiming that Holy Water would be enough to keep the virus at bay.

Despite the measures that had been enacted, March 24th witnessed a further tightening of restrictions with a ban placed on gatherings of over two people (or five in the case of religious ceremonies such as funerals). Furthermore, the public was warned not to leave home unless it was in order to visit shops or pharmacies, travel to work, care for relatives or keep a medical appointment.

In addition, jogging, cycling and walking the dog were also permitted. Enforced by the police and the army, penalties for breaking the new laws were set at up to zł. 5,000 for violating any of the aforementioned rules, and up to zł. 30,000 for breaking quarantine. At the very least, these laws will be in place until April 11th. For the latest updates given by the government, visit: website

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