Top 5 Cozy Cafes For Autumn Top 5 Cozy Cafes For Autumn

Cozy up and fall in love with five cafes that have autumn in mind…

ul. Hoża 58/60
The phrase three’s a crowd could have been coined with Cophi in mind. Its super-snug dimensions are ideal for an afternoon spent curled up on an armchair watching the leaves tumble down on Hoża outside. A passion project whose small footprint is counterbalanced by the depth of its offer, the living room vibe mounts when the temperatures start dropping and the interiors act as a beacon to the public.

Al. Zjednoczenia 46
Definitely distant, but there are those that travel the city to visit – if you take coffee seriously, then you should as well. Home to the city’s best flat white (fact!), this husband and wife operation is warm in ambiance and appearance, and the drive for quality reflected by their habitual acquisition of the latest equipment. Reading matter is plentiful, and the positive vibes and permanent sense of chill give it the air of a neighborhood classic: it’s perfect for leafy Stary Bielany.

Kawiarnia Fabryczna
ul. Fabryczna 28/30
A place to eavesdrop, catch-up on gmail and daydream the morning away, head to this warm den to sink inside comfy retro chairs and bask in the natural light that pours through the window. Prepared on a Nuova Simonelli machine, the coffee hails from a range of pedigree roasters such as Warsaw’s own Coffee Lab. Creaky wooden floorboards, local artwork and non-obtrusive colors make it a prime perch after an autumn prowl through the parks of Powiśle.

Same Fusy
ul. Nowomiejska 10
Suffused in a soft candle-lit glow, this 15th century cellar unwinds to reveal a charming, vaulted brick room suspended in another time. Filled with gnarled wooden oddities and tree stump tables, the sweet aroma of fragrant teas helps amplify the fairy tale mood and Hobbit-esque atmosphere. With the first chill winds of autumn blowing through the cobbled streets of Old Town, Same Fusy acts as a warm refuge in which to shelter.

U Krawca
ul. Siennicka 3
Blue-collar Grochów isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but this café has done much to swing the area’s rep into credit. Squeaking floorboards and references to the address’s former function as a tailor’s shop lend a warmth that’s particularly pronounced once the overhead draftsman’s lamps are switched on. Homemade cakes, hipster colas and coffee sourced from the likes of Gesha keep it packed with a friendly crowd of local aficionados.

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