Dino Buddy! Dino Buddy!

Found on Marszałkowska 41, for the last couple of years artist Mirella Von Chrupek has rented a display box once used by a cobbler to advertise his wares and utilized it to present seasonally changing ‘magical little worlds’. Of the recurring characters to have appeared in this tiny exhibition space, none have captured the imagination as much as Dino Bambino, a happy pink dinosaur with wide, trusting eyes and beautiful long lashes.

“She first appeared in the Gablotka gallery in autumn 2015,” continues Mirella, “and though it was the end of summer she enjoyed her time inside resting on the sand and staring at the sunset.” To mark the occasion of her second birthday, the original Dino has now returned in pocket-sized form and available for purchase.

Handmade using molds and resin casting, mini Dino’s have so far been shipped out to South Korea, Mexico, Canada and Australia. “She loves traveling and making new friends,” adds Mirella, “so I always encourage new owners to take photos of little Dino in various locations.” For your own Warsaw-born Dino (complete with travel bag, postcard and birth certificate!), order from: amomirella.com

(Photo: Maurycy Gomulicki)

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