Discipline is Good! Discipline is Good!

While daylight hours dwindle our children’s energy levels do not! Save your furniture and your sanity by trying one of these sport facilities that offer a fun approach to fitness with an emphasis on discipline, manners, teamwork and healthy living.

KSCheolin Taekwondo (facebook.com/KlubTaekwondoCheolin) In the perfect world everyone would learn Taekwondo! Combining self-defense, exercise, meditation and body balance would certainly be an asset to some of the rascals I’ve seen palkup chigi (elbow strike in Korean) their parents! Master Kang Cheolin, a black belt 7th dan, offers training for all ages in Polish/English and prides himself on understanding each student’s physical and mental abilities. Discipline and discretion are essential but seemingly don’t apply to the fun, hot pink interior!

Gym Generation (gymgeneration.pl) With locations in Żoliborz and Mokotów these bright, colorful spaces are full of state of the art gymnastic equipment, specifically designed for children up to 12 years old. They offer a flexible timetable and even high energy, low-fat birthday parties. Watch, have a coffee and fear not as your child clambers on the high beam or swings from the bars… The qualified fitness teachers are there not just to encourage curiosity and independence but social skills, healthy eating and respect!

Crux Boulder Climbing (crux.boulder.pl) Got kids that think they’re Spiderman? Get yourself downtown to this super cool space dedicated to boulder climbing. The café and birthday hangout area seriously rock, but it’s the smell of hard working bodies clinging, some for dear life, to colorful chalked up handgrips that will get the adrenaline going. Go for an hour or hang for the day: prices are low. Climbing the original wrought iron stairwell sold it for me! (GBB)

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