Drugie Dno Drugie Dno

To plug into the pounding heart of Warsaw’s craft beer scene, look no further than Nowogrodzka. Joining the ranks of the street’s multi-tap bars is Drugie Dno, a three-level space that’s been themed to evoke the look of a disused power station.


Sporting rugged brickwork and a scuffed style, the industrialized look has been amped up to the max through the use of steel girders, vintage voltage meters and toilets disguised as elevator shafts.


Though it’s a design that’s already been exploited with much frequency, Drugie Dno somehow feels bold and original.


And the ingenuity extends to the way they store their beer: inside a walled-in glass unit filled with bottles, barrels, pipes and valves.


And what beer indeed: though the offer is largely Polish and patriotic, there’s enough cult international guests to keep it intriguing. Laid back and hyper casual, it’s a venue that perfectly fits the area’s jigsaw of bars.

Drugie Dno

ul. Nowogrodzka 4

(Words: AW / Photos: Ed Wight)


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