Escape Room in Warsaw: ready for adventure? Escape Room in Warsaw: ready for adventure?

Looking for an adventure in Warsaw? Want to do something original, creative and fun? Ever heard about escape room games? Room Escape Warsaw, winner of many awards and prizes, offers you a totally new way of spending quality time with friends and family.

So what is Room Escape all about? It tests your teamwork and creativity skills as well as makes you work under time pressure. However most of all it is all about fun, adventure and tons of positive emotions.

The idea is simple, you are being locked in a room with multiple riddles, puzzles, hidden passages and lots of other surprises. Your aim is to solve them all in 60 minutes and escape before the time is up (read more about Escape Room: . The game is always under control just in case you are stuck with something and need any hint on what to do next.

Of course the game in Escape Room Warsaw is much more than simple riddles, locks and keys. You will be surprised with the number of advanced technological riddles hidden within the walls which require unexpected solutions, giving lots of fun and satisfaction when solved.

Room Escape offers you 6 playing scenarios in 2 locations in Warsaw. You can test your skills in the crazy Laboratory, solve the riddles left by Indiana Jones , discover the mystery of the scary Basement as well as play the Templar knights in the Medieval room, try to rob the art Museum or even travel in time in the Time Machine. So good luck!

Book your escape room in advance and begin your adventure!

Room Escape Warsaw
Śniadeckich 1/15 street, entry through the gate
00-655 Warsaw

tel.: +48 503 966 012

Escape Room Warsaw
Inżynierska 1 street
03-410 Warsaw

tel.: +48 22 118 30 62

Room Escape Warsaw


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