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Poland is a country that still holds strong to its traditions. In March they burn and free the marzenna to embrace spring time and... Ethnographic Museum
Ethnographic Museum Ethnographic Museum

Poland is a country that still holds strong to its traditions. In March they burn and free the marzenna to embrace spring time and then focus on one of the most important celebrations of all, Easter. When I first witnessed the masses of people queuing outside the church, waiting for their basket of eggs, bread, kiełbasa and wine to be blessed, I think I gasped in shock. To this day I still marvel at this level of commitment to tradition being passed on through the generations. My daughter recently turned eight and she has many questions about these traditions and celebrations. So I took her to the Ethnographic Museum for all the answers… 

The renovations are complete and I must say that for the small entrance fee this might just be the best value for money in Warsaw – not to mention my favorite family day out. Connected to the super eco café is now a bright and light space that is called the Children’s Museum. Here kids can try on traditional clothes, play with wooden toys and instruments, draw and read thoughtfully selected books. It is also the area where children’s birthday parties are held. I highly recommend this if your child wishes to invite the whole class!

The museum itself has been cleverly reorganized over four rooms. All texts are translated into English and despite the museums dedication to historic tradition the abundance of modern day interactive installations is right on the ball for today’s high-tech kids. Forget the chocolate egg, this place is pure eye candy! Rows of traditional costumes line the walls, there are shelves full of decorated eggs and drawer after drawer can be opened to admire intricate lacework. Then there’s a bright yellow corridor incased by wooden musical instruments and covered in ear phones, which poke out like wriggly worms from the walls, giving the listener an opportunity to hear traditional folk music. Personally, I recommend visiting the proper museum first, as it will intrigue your child’s imagination. Then, when they enter the children’s museum, the thrill of trying on clothes they have just seen in glass cases and playing with instruments they just heard becomes all the more rewarding. (GBB)

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