Falafel Bejrut Falafel Bejrut

One thing I love about really good cheap food is that it breaks social and economic class barriers; people of all backgrounds come together as one. There’s a few milk bars that have the power to do this, and I’ve spotted BMWs outside Bambino on more than one occasion. But there’s only so much soup and schabowy you can eat, so it’s refreshing to find there’s a few ethnic eateries that also hit the mark. Specifically, when I say that I’ve have Falafel Bejrut in mind. Originally born as a food cart outside Hala Mirowska, their new venture steams with the heat of the deep fryer, not to mention all those people squashed-up trying to decipher the menu. Myself, I’m converted to their hummus falafel which comes with jalapenos and a little kick of hot sauce. The secret ingredient here is an extra pinch of cilantro and parsley, which helps this pocket of pleasure come together in a whirr of freshness. If you’re hanging around, order the falafel plate – decorated with gobs of pomegranate seeds – and take a seat on the upturned Fritz Cola crates. Or, do as I do, and use the nearby Saski Gardens as your al fresco dining room. (KD)

Falafel Bejrut 
ul. Senatorska 40, facebook.com/FalafelBejrutWarsaw


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