Famous Five Ice Cream Famous Five Ice Cream

When Warsaw gets its summer sweat on, reach for relief with the traditional local cure: ice cream. We bring you five local legends…

Budka z Lodami (Francuska 30) This innocuous wooden cabin has become a summer staple for Sunday Saska strollers. Natural ingredients and creative flavor combinations have installed it as a legend.

Ciepłe Zimne (Wilcza 17) Looking every inch the cliché ice cream parlour, Ciepłe Zimne don’t have many surprises up their sleeve, but they do score heavy points. Their watermelon ice cream is a treat.

Limoni Canteri 1952 (various locations, inc. Dąbrowskiego 1) An artisan Italian gelato stop. The Venetian-born owner thrives on experimentation, with traditional flavors matched by the inclusion of oddities such as cucumber, beer and, even, ice cream for your dog!

Lody Naturalne (Mokotowska 12) Little more than a hole in the wall, this street-side nook has a modest offer that’s offset by complete quality – you can feel the purity. Insider favorite: mango.

Malinova (Al. Niepodłegości 130) Some argue this is the best ice cream in the city, it’s certainly one of the most famous. Opened in 2001 – vintage by Warsaw standards – there’s an old-school feel to this cult classic.

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