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No blog for three weeks!? Sorry, it’s called being busy! Not too busy, however, to forget to take pics of the places I’ve visited... Food & Drink Diary
Food & Drink Diary Food & Drink Diary

No blog for three weeks!? Sorry, it’s called being busy! Not too busy, however, to forget to take pics of the places I’ve visited – below, the highs (and lows) of those past missing weeks:


Considerably more casual than their other ventures, the new Le Cedre Lounge has made a blistering start to life with an ace menu of bitey bits and pieces.


One of our favorite launches of the summer? Fat Buddha, a top class lounge / restaurant / bar with a dynamic menu inspired by modern Japan. The sushi is exceptional.


It’s probably been a year since I last visited Tapas Gastro Bar, and I’ve no idea why – hat’s off to the Patatas Bravas – we’ll meet soon again.


The Old Town is getting its act together – finally. More evidence, if any is needed, comes in the shape of the Maryensztadt craft beer bar.


Keeping to the Old Town theme, it’s pretty hard to resist a Pimms in Bar & Books. Now this ’un came with zero strawberries and even less cucumber (!!!), but nonetheless did what was required: revive and refresh. If there’s a more consistent cocktail bar in Warsaw then I’ve yet to find it.


Best hangover cure? That’s the Bloody Maria in Pacific: full of punch, pow and gusto, it’s hands down the top recovery option I’ve lately discovered. If there’s a problem, it’s that ones not enough – pretty soon you’ll be plastered again.


There’s been some pretty bad curries delivered to the Insider’s door in the past, but nothing quite like this: you’ll find nicer surprises in a train station toilet. Just for having the sheer audacity to send something like this out The Indian Hut merit recognition – and not the right kind. It goes without saying I needed a day off work after this vinda-loo…


On the other hand, Stixx get the Indian side of their menu spot on each time – deep and sumptuous, the chicken tikka butter masala is a glorious boost on a rainy weekend.


Though not a huge coffee drinker, even I can tell that Fat White on Andersa are definitely doing something special. That Cold Brew Coffee is a drink to track down.


Onto the happiest news I’ve had in the last few weeks, and that’s the debut of India Express Wola – open from early, their Indian breakfast is a top alternative to the mundane morning kick-starters to which you might otherwise be accustomed.


And finally, fine dining! Having made much noise a few years back, this sector has been quiet of late… till now. The opening of Chłodna 15 by Wilamowski is just about the most thrilling news a foodie could wish for. Looking to present classic French cuisine, chef Arkadiusz Wilamowski has been brazen about his pursuit of a Michelin star, and if he continues like he’s started then there’s a good chance he’ll earn one. Visit.

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