Game Night! Game Night!

The clocks have changed and the winter is coming. It’s the best time to cuddle up indoors and play some games. Keep these five in mind next time you want to find a game shelter.

Café Baobab Francuska 31 If it wasn’t already exotic enough, Baobab – a Senegalese restaurant run by a former basketball player – welcomes guests each Thursday for a night of board games hosted by a Frenchman. It’s one of the most international experiences in the city. 

Cuda Na Kiju Nowy Świat 6/12 Do you feel lucky? Warsaw’s original multi-tap doesn’t just tout some of Poland’s top beers on daily rotation, but two classic pinball machines: Dirty Harry and Indianapolis 500. In the words of one happy ex-pat, “pinball AND a sixteen tap beer selection – speechless!” For other Warsaw ‘flipery’ venues check:

Między Słowami Chmielna 30 Squirreled down a courtyard, this spot eschews the soulless style of Warsaw’s modern-day cafes to sport a more classic look of deep plum colors and framed sepia photos. On the games menu find Monopoly, Scrabble and Taboo.  

Paradox Anielewicza 2 Fitting in is easy at this self-confessed ‘fantasy asylum’ – wear black, don’t wash your hair and generally look like you horde serial killer memorabilia. Decorated with plastic black crows, a map of Mordor and figures of goblins, watch as oddly attired suspects engross themselves in ‘for hire’ games with names like Hobbit and Bewoulf.  

Solec 44 Solec 44 The fabulous cooking of Aleksander Baron aside, Solec 44 is noted for its weakness for board games. The shelves are full of them – from Alcatraz to Qwirkle, and Catan to Mondo – and you’ll find the place packed with grown-ups being kids for the day. 


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