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Drones are changing the face of photography, presenting unique takes on the city below. This issue we talk to Kris and Monika of Z... Game of Drones
Game of Drones Game of Drones

Drones are changing the face of photography, presenting unique takes on the city below. This issue we talk to Kris and Monika of Z Naszej Perspektywy…

• Up till now drone technology was extremely expensive and hard-to-get – you had to build your own. Now you can buy ‘ready to fly’ drones, so I think we’ll see lots more in the future. They’re revolutionizing photography in that they give photographers the possibility to view the world from another perspective: even ‘normal’ places look brilliant from the sky. And while it sounds trivial, drones cut out the complexities connected with gaining access to the top of Warsaw’s skyscrapers. 

• Warsaw offers so many opportunities to photographers – you can find something different each day, even in a place you feel familiar with. We love the contrasts offered by the city, the old mixed in with the modern. The drone gives us a chance to show Warsaw from an angle that’s unknown to many people. Sometimes I think it’d be great to have our own clones and clones of our drones! 

• It doesn’t matter if we’re using our cameras or a drone, we want to show a new side to Warsaw, a ‘secret scene’ that’s yet to be presented. It isn’t easy. Some pictures that we plan don’t turn out, other times the shot looks horrible and then all of a sudden the light will clear and you get a picture that really compels. 

• When we bought our first drone it spent the first week in its box – it cost so much we were afraid to use it! Every spare minute was spent reading manuals and watching You Tube tutorials. When we finally felt ready we went to some fields in northern Warsaw and shot pictures of a thermal power plant. The results weren’t perfect in terms of quality but it was fascinating to see the city from this angle. From the ground we were just in a normal field, yet from the sky it looked amazing: something unnatural in the midst of the city. 

• If we were to pick a favorite shot then it’d be of Most Siekierkowski. I love how on one side you have raw nature and on the other civilization and the well-known silhouette of the skyscrapers. Then connecting the two you have this massive monument of engineering – the bridge itself. It makes us feel proud of the city and proud of the picture!   

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